[game review] Cooking Craze

When someone asks me what my favorite game is, I will probably answer Diner Dash, The Sims, or Candy Crush. During my school years, I could sit in front of my computer for hours playing games from when I reached home until dinner time, or until the mosquitos bit my legs till the blood was almost dry *exaggeration*.

Since I started working, I don’t really have that much time to play games, so mobile games with limited ‘lives’ are preferable. Last weekend I found a new game with the same theme as Cooking Dash: Cooking Craze from Bigfish Game.

Image result for cooking craze

The mission of each level is to serve food to customers, either by time or number of customers. After we finish a stage (each stage contains approximately 10 levels), we will go on to another stage and restaurants. Each restaurant will serve different kinds of food, hence different upgrades will be required. In order to upgrade restaurant utensils, we will need to collect certain amount of coins (collected through serving customers and some daily bonus), and to advance some harder levels, we might need spoons for additional time or customers. Spoons are collected by passing a level and from daily bonus.

I have only played this game for 3 days, but I love it the way I will start playing after the lives are filled up (like Candy Crush, it takes 30 minutes to collect a life). This is a fun girl game which requires multitasking and might last for a couple of months (for me, until I get stucked in a certain level).


Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

I know it’s a bit too late to write this post, but I feel the need to say my gratitude for 2016 for the following things (in chronological order, just because):

  1. Early 2016 Surabaya trip with friends (for a friend’s wedding). Though ending up with my old phone being broken, I totally enjoyed the trip.
  2. A brand new phone (thank God I had the money to buy one). I still use the phone today and love it.
  3. Japan trip! Coz what else highlights my 2016? (Well, I got my Komodo trip which was also remarkably fun, but nothing beats an 11-day trip with best friends, right?)
  4. A boyfriend. (Hehe..)
  5. My last birthday as a 20-something.
  6. Komodo trip and the experience of living on board (i.e. no proper land to stand on and no clear water to shower properly).
  7. Glenn Fredly’s ‘Tanda Mata Glenn Fredly untuk Ruth Sahanaya’ and ‘After Hours Music: Glenn Fredly’ concerts. Still my favorite local artist when it comes to live show worth chasing for.
  8. Family’s old-and-new year getaway.

Thank God for everything that happened in 2016, both the good and bad ones.

Happy new year 2017 and wishing that this year is going to be another great year. 🙂

the afterlife

Have you ever pictured yourself being in the afterlife – the life you’re having when you leave this life?

Some religions believe in the concept of heaven and hell, including mine, but nobody has really gone there. Heaven and hell are the concept introduced to the believers so they will do good when they live, believing that if you sin too much, you will surely go to hell. Hell is pictured to be a very uncomfortable place where nobody would want to be, while heaven is the total opposite so everyone would want to be there.

the afterlife (picture taken from http://www.youtube.com)

I believe that heaven and hell do exist, whatever they are known as. The thing is, I also believe that after death, the souls will wander here and there in the afterlife for some time before they finally reach heaven or hell. Not in the same world as the living humans (as some people believe about ghosts), but in the in-between world.

One thing I know for sure now: we, the ones who are left behind still alive, can only pray for the best to come for the souls in the afterlife, so that their “journey” to the final destination (heaven or hell) will be easy.

*I hope the souls’ journeys to heaven will be easy so I can pray to meet the people I loved in heaven.

on sharing food

Food well shared is more delicious than the one we enjoy alone.


food sharing (photo taken from time.com)
It all started in the family. We share food everywhere – at home, in the restaurant and during family gatherings. Then during my uni time I started doing it with some close friends that until now, we share food like it’s nothing strange. Some people might see this as disgusting or even inappropriate, but for me it’s totally OK. I’m not actually made for sharing things, but today it feels so strange not to share food. Moreover, some food would feel better when you’re sharing it with special ones.

I don’t know if there’s science behind it, but sharing food has drawn me closer to the people I’m sharing it with and it’s a good ice breaker whenever you’re eating together with the people whom you don’t see that often.

(trying) food blogging: Fukuzushi

I love eating. I can say that I practically eat any kind of food, be it western, middle eastern, Asian, Indonesian (Indonesian food holds a very special spot in my heart, hence there it was), even junk food. I started food blogging before it was popular, and stopped when it became popular. LOL. I did food photography (using my phone) a lot during my stay in Melbourne, Australia, but rarely posted any of them. Now, after several discussions on whether or not I should start this thing to add even more scattered topics to my beloved blog, I decided to start reviewing new restaurants I visit now and then.

fukuzushi - sushi for life

The first review is for Fukuzushi – Sushi for Life. As most of you might have guessed correctly, this is a Japanese restaurant – fusion, to be exact. Located on Jalan Bahureksa No. 1 in Bandung, Indonesia and in Paris Van Java mall, also in Bandung, this restaurant offers you a pretty brave wide range of fusion sushi, without forgetting the classics like Chuka Wakame (seaweed salad), Chuka Idako (baby octopus), chawan mushi (steamed egg in a cup), sashimi, and nigiri sushi. They also sell bento (rice box), donburi (a bowl of rice topped with omelette and various kind of meat), and ramen (Japanese noodle).

Left: sunset mentai, Right: power up
Left: sunset mentai, Right: power up

I had 2 fusion sushi to share with my sister: sunset mentai and power up. For those who are familiar with sushi, you must understand that when it’s named “mentai”, it will involve a sushi roll topped with cheese and mayonnaise that is flame-grilled. It’s the same for sunset mentai. The mayonnaise is seasoned with chili powder, giving it spicy taste in addition to the appetizing mayo. Then there’s the refreshing power up. With fried ebi (prawn) and crunch as the fillings, this sushi is topped with fresh combination of (raw) salmon, (raw) tuna, and eel.

We didn’t get to taste the other menu as the portion is pretty big – ordering 2 was enough for our lunch, but we will definitely come back again for another try. For these 2 sushi rolls which we tried today, I give 4 out of 5 stars. Price is at similar level as the infamous Sushi Tei, and for the raws, Sushi Tei is better, but for fusion, this one is better. Worth to try. 🙂

Emergency Couple (Emergency Man and Woman)

This is the third series I’d watched in the last 2.5 weeks (yes, I finish this series even faster than before, regardless the fact that this series consist of 21 episodes).

Emergency Couple started with an elope done by the two main characters, Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) and Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo), six years ago, followed by their marriage life which ended up in chaos and divorce after one year. In present days, fate brought them back together. Their first meeting after the divorce was in a relative’s wedding, one day before their works as interns in Woo Su University Hospital (WSUH) began. As if the meeting was not enough, in WSUH they were grouped together with 4 other interns: Han Ah Reum (Clara), Im Yong Gyu (Yoon Jong Hoon), and newlyweds Park Sang Hyuk (Im Hyun Sung) and Lee Young Ae (Chun Min Hee) to help out in the Emergency Medical Center (EMC). Chief of EMC is a cold-hearted resident Geok Joong Hyun (Choi Beom Ho), who was nicknamed “The Devil” due to his miraculous ability to save patients.

Image taken from asianwiki.com
left-right: Shim Ji Hye, Chief Geok, Oh Chang Min, Oh Jin Hee, Han Ah Reum

Working together in a team and seeing each other everyday had somehow melted Chang Min’s and Jin Hee’s frozen hearts. Together, they worked out on why it didn’t happen the first time. They seem to have no clue about what to do next, though, enabling Ah Reum to have a crush on Chang Min and Chief Geok on Jin Hee. In between their love stories, there are also Shim Ji Hye (Choi Yeo Jin), re-appearing as an assistant professor of surgery who was assigned to help out in EMC, Chief Geok’s junior who happened to be his ex-girlfriend before she moved to America, and being the only one who seems to understand Chief Geok’s coldness the best; Oh Jin Ae (Jeon Soo Jin), Jin Hee’s sister who ran away from their house and got back with a husband, Kim Gwang Soo (Park Doo Sik) and a baby, Kim Gook.

Overall, I would say that the whole story is about the comeback love – they make people believe that when you’ve loved someone so deep, whatever reason you separate, when you finally meet that person again, you will fall back in love for the same reason you loved them the first time. Quite good if you have some time to kill, but it got a bit boring in the middle. *Good thing Chang Min is so handsome~ ❤

I’m giving 3 out of 5 stars for this series.

love when you’re ready

love when you're ready

I was at the thought of forcing myself into a relationship last month when a friend shared on his Path the famous quote which I seemed to forget: Love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.

It’s kind of hard to say.. so far what happened was this: I broke up, was happy single even though felt lonely inside, someone came in, the loneliness was gone and I felt like I was ready. And I never know, not until today, whether it means that I’m really ready because I simply am, or I’m just not lonely because I find someone.