Emergency Couple (Emergency Man and Woman)

This is the third series I’d watched in the last 2.5 weeks (yes, I finish this series even faster than before, regardless the fact that this series consist of 21 episodes).

Emergency Couple started with an elope done by the two main characters, Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) and Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo), six years ago, followed by their marriage life which ended up in chaos and divorce after one year. In present days, fate brought them back together. Their first meeting after the divorce was in a relative’s wedding, one day before their works as interns in Woo Su University Hospital (WSUH) began. As if the meeting was not enough, in WSUH they were grouped together with 4 other interns: Han Ah Reum (Clara), Im Yong Gyu (Yoon Jong Hoon), and newlyweds Park Sang Hyuk (Im Hyun Sung) and Lee Young Ae (Chun Min Hee) to help out in the Emergency Medical Center (EMC). Chief of EMC is a cold-hearted resident Geok Joong Hyun (Choi Beom Ho), who was nicknamed “The Devil” due to his miraculous ability to save patients.

Image taken from asianwiki.com
left-right: Shim Ji Hye, Chief Geok, Oh Chang Min, Oh Jin Hee, Han Ah Reum

Working together in a team and seeing each other everyday had somehow melted Chang Min’s and Jin Hee’s frozen hearts. Together, they worked out on why it didn’t happen the first time. They seem to have no clue about what to do next, though, enabling Ah Reum to have a crush on Chang Min and Chief Geok on Jin Hee. In between their love stories, there are also Shim Ji Hye (Choi Yeo Jin), re-appearing as an assistant professor of surgery who was assigned to help out in EMC, Chief Geok’s junior who happened to be his ex-girlfriend before she moved to America, and being the only one who seems to understand Chief Geok’s coldness the best; Oh Jin Ae (Jeon Soo Jin), Jin Hee’s sister who ran away from their house and got back with a husband, Kim Gwang Soo (Park Doo Sik) and a baby, Kim Gook.

Overall, I would say that the whole story is about the comeback love – they make people believe that when you’ve loved someone so deep, whatever reason you separate, when you finally meet that person again, you will fall back in love for the same reason you loved them the first time. Quite good if you have some time to kill, but it got a bit boring in the middle. *Good thing Chang Min is so handsome~ ❤

I’m giving 3 out of 5 stars for this series.


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