(trying) food blogging: Fukuzushi

I love eating. I can say that I practically eat any kind of food, be it western, middle eastern, Asian, Indonesian (Indonesian food holds a very special spot in my heart, hence there it was), even junk food. I started food blogging before it was popular, and stopped when it became popular. LOL. I did food photography (using my phone) a lot during my stay in Melbourne, Australia, but rarely posted any of them. Now, after several discussions on whether or not I should start this thing to add even more scattered topics to my beloved blog, I decided to start reviewing new restaurants I visit now and then.

fukuzushi - sushi for life

The first review is for Fukuzushi – Sushi for Life. As most of you might have guessed correctly, this is a Japanese restaurant – fusion, to be exact. Located on Jalan Bahureksa No. 1 in Bandung, Indonesia and in Paris Van Java mall, also in Bandung, this restaurant offers you a pretty brave wide range of fusion sushi, without forgetting the classics like Chuka Wakame (seaweed salad), Chuka Idako (baby octopus), chawan mushi (steamed egg in a cup), sashimi, and nigiri sushi. They also sell bento (rice box), donburi (a bowl of rice topped with omelette and various kind of meat), and ramen (Japanese noodle).

Left: sunset mentai, Right: power up
Left: sunset mentai, Right: power up

I had 2 fusion sushi to share with my sister: sunset mentai and power up. For those who are familiar with sushi, you must understand that when it’s named “mentai”, it will involve a sushi roll topped with cheese and mayonnaise that is flame-grilled. It’s the same for sunset mentai. The mayonnaise is seasoned with chili powder, giving it spicy taste in addition to the appetizing mayo. Then there’s the refreshing power up. With fried ebi (prawn) and crunch as the fillings, this sushi is topped with fresh combination of (raw) salmon, (raw) tuna, and eel.

We didn’t get to taste the other menu as the portion is pretty big – ordering 2 was enough for our lunch, but we will definitely come back again for another try. For these 2 sushi rolls which we tried today, I give 4 out of 5 stars. Price is at similar level as the infamous Sushi Tei, and for the raws, Sushi Tei is better, but for fusion, this one is better. Worth to try. 🙂


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