the afterlife

Have you ever pictured yourself being in the afterlife – the life you’re having when you leave this life?

Some religions believe in the concept of heaven and hell, including mine, but nobody has really gone there. Heaven and hell are the concept introduced to the believers so they will do good when they live, believing that if you sin too much, you will surely go to hell. Hell is pictured to be a very uncomfortable place where nobody would want to be, while heaven is the total opposite so everyone would want to be there.

the afterlife (picture taken from

I believe that heaven and hell do exist, whatever they are known as. The thing is, I also believe that after death, the souls will wander here and there in the afterlife for some time before they finally reach heaven or hell. Not in the same world as the living humans (as some people believe about ghosts), but in the in-between world.

One thing I know for sure now: we, the ones who are left behind still alive, can only pray for the best to come for the souls in the afterlife, so that their “journey” to the final destination (heaven or hell) will be easy.

*I hope the souls’ journeys to heaven will be easy so I can pray to meet the people I loved in heaven.

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