about marriage

I’m 26 this year and the questions about marriage have become more frequent than before. Normally I will respond with either one of these 3 statements:

  • My religion doesn’t allow divorce, hence marriage truly is a once-in-a-lifetime which you cannot erase and rewind that easily. That’s why I don’t want to hurry and regret later. (Even though in practice, many people cheat religion in order to divorce.) Talking with religious people, they usually cannot argue to this statement.
  • I’m not ready to take the huge responsibility of being in a marriage, not to mention being a mom, housewife and career-woman at the same time. It’s too difficult and I don’t want seeing others staring at me judgmentally because I cannot raise my kids right.
  • My parents also got married at the age of >26 y.o and they did just fine. (Maybe that’s also the reason they don’t hurry me like other parents do – people tend to compare their kids to themselves; the earlier they got married, the earlier they’d expect their kids to get married.)

I don’t know what’s going on with people, but the trend now (like some of my friends also do) is to get married at a young age, postpone being pregnant and giving birth to baby(es) because they simply don’t have enough money to raise kids and sometimes (ehm, ok, most of the time) they don’t even own a house and/or a car. I know I’m setting a high standard for myself, but I just can’t imagine sharing the same roof with my parents (or my soon-to-be spouse’s parents) after I get married. I agree to live real close to them, but just not under the same roof. Please.


The preference of getting married is totally subjective and I don’t know why it’s almost generalized here. People see women aged more than 30 y.o and still single as the leftovers without considering those who get married early and left widowed at the age of less than 25 y.o.

Most of all, I want to be able to achieve things on my own before settling down in a marriage. It’s not like I couldn’t achieve them once I’m married like some psychologists suggested (they said it’s better for women to get married at the age of 26 if we want to have 2 or more kids because their biological clock is ticking and the risk of giving birth at the age of 35 quadruples the risk of down-syndrome), but I simply want to dedicate myself to the family more once I’m married. After all the achievements are made, then maybe I’ll settle down for marriage. Or maybe I’m just waiting for the right guy to come. 😛


about suitable career

A #Leo Suitable Careers: Actor,Cardiologist,Goldsmith or Jeweller,Publicist,Theatrical Agent,Sales Consultant,CEO, Athlete,and Director.

A #Leo Suitable Careers: Educator,Movie maker,Park Ranger, Hairstylist,Professor, Principal,Publicist, Artist,and Exhibitor.

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It’s no secret that I like to relate things to types: zodiac, blood type, body shape, and even personality type. For things like career, can one actually decide based on the star sign? I don’t think so.

Firstly, someone’s choice of career is highly determined by his family background. Why did I (and some other family members from my mother’s side) choose electrical engineering? It’s because of my grandfather used to have this electronics repair shop at his house. A kid tends to see and follow older family members. He will look at his parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and older cousins growing up, picking the most interesting job they have, and make it his dream job. Of course, there are other aspects too, but family is the most influencing factor.

Secondly, educational background and passion are other things to influence career choice. Can someone who studies accounting at school work as a doctor? No. Whether we are aware or not, we “choose” our job the time we enrolled for college. (Thankfully my parents made me aware of it, so I wasn’t at all “lost”.) Your job doesn’t necessarily have to be in line with your major; most friends I know are working totally different jobs to their major choice, but all of which are their passion. It’s possible, but again your first job hunting (you can see my post about first job here) will be much easier if you stay in line with your major and will most likely determine your next jobs (if you don’t want to be considered as a fresh graduate over and over again).

Lastly, social environment is also a huge factor. What is the highest demand (which pay you highest) in the market? There is always a trend and you better be aware of it. For example, in the electrical engineering industry, in late 1980 to the 1990s the highest demand will be for engineers, because at the moment there are not many people taking engineering. In the next decade, after more people take engineering, the number of sales people decreased significantly that companies would look for sales. This kind of trend is important to decide your career choice.

Hence, I don’t think one’s career can be deemed suitable based on zodiac, though the success rate of someone working on the “suitable career” for his zodiac might be higher than someone who’s not. There’s no scientific evidence for this. People should pick their career path based on logical thinking rather than superstitious things like zodiac.