setting targets

If anyone asks me now what the most important thing in life is, my answer would be: setting your own life targets.

When we’re talking about life targets, most people will only set their targets for the most important aspect in their lives. What we actually need to do is to set targets for all life aspects: career, love, family, etc. Of course, after setting those targets, you are allowed to prioritize and adapt. Even a psychic cannot know what’s going to happen in the future, so it’s ok to update your targets once in a while. At least when you have your targets, you’ll know how your path’s gonna be.

I read in a magazine a while ago (I’m not the motivational book reader type) that writing your 5-year ahead targets down is the most effective way to make sure to keep yourself on track, hence I do. The key to setting down life targets is to make a balanced-life targets. For me, balance means I’ll have enough time to spend with friends and families in between work. It could be different for everybody. I have a friend who’d prefer to have a work-life integration where he’ll be able to work from home on the weekend.

Targets are not resolutions. People often misinterpret those 2 words as resolutions are also about what you want to achieve the future. In short, resolutions are things you expect to have over the time period (normally people set up a year resolutions), while targets are things you will be doing and achieve over the time period. It’s ok for a resolution not to be completed when the time ends, but it’s not ok for a target not to be completed.

Of course, certain things in life are out of your control. Office politics, the deceased, being sick are some examples of those things. When those things happen, what you have to do is to update and evaluate your life targets.

Wish you all the best with your life targets. 😉

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