about suitable career

A #Leo Suitable Careers: Actor,Cardiologist,Goldsmith or Jeweller,Publicist,Theatrical Agent,Sales Consultant,CEO, Athlete,and Director.

A #Leo Suitable Careers: Educator,Movie maker,Park Ranger, Hairstylist,Professor, Principal,Publicist, Artist,and Exhibitor.

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It’s no secret that I like to relate things to types: zodiac, blood type, body shape, and even personality type. For things like career, can one actually decide based on the star sign? I don’t think so.

Firstly, someone’s choice of career is highly determined by his family background. Why did I (and some other family members from my mother’s side) choose electrical engineering? It’s because of my grandfather used to have this electronics repair shop at his house. A kid tends to see and follow older family members. He will look at his parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and older cousins growing up, picking the most interesting job they have, and make it his dream job. Of course, there are other aspects too, but family is the most influencing factor.

Secondly, educational background and passion are other things to influence career choice. Can someone who studies accounting at school work as a doctor? No. Whether we are aware or not, we “choose” our job the time we enrolled for college. (Thankfully my parents made me aware of it, so I wasn’t at all “lost”.) Your job doesn’t necessarily have to be in line with your major; most friends I know are working totally different jobs to their major choice, but all of which are their passion. It’s possible, but again your first job hunting (you can see my post about first job here) will be much easier if you stay in line with your major and will most likely determine your next jobs (if you don’t want to be considered as a fresh graduate over and over again).

Lastly, social environment is also a huge factor. What is the highest demand (which pay you highest) in the market? There is always a trend and you better be aware of it. For example, in the electrical engineering industry, in late 1980 to the 1990s the highest demand will be for engineers, because at the moment there are not many people taking engineering. In the next decade, after more people take engineering, the number of sales people decreased significantly that companies would look for sales. This kind of trend is important to decide your career choice.

Hence, I don’t think one’s career can be deemed suitable based on zodiac, though the success rate of someone working on the “suitable career” for his zodiac might be higher than someone who’s not. There’s no scientific evidence for this. People should pick their career path based on logical thinking rather than superstitious things like zodiac.


about social animals

Back in my elementary years, in the social studies the teachers (yes, it’s mentioned almost every year) would tell us: human is by nature a social animal. Thus comes the theory that man can’t live alone, that he always needs others in order to live.

As I grew older, I realize that the term “social” is way too gentle to describe one’s relationship with others. I guess that’s why it’s followed by the word “animal” in the first place, to add the wildness to human nature. Politics is the easiest example to that. Not only applicable to the people who run the countries, politics is also applicable to everyone outside of homes (and families, maybe, for those who are really close to their families). Adults have their own needs and in order to achieve their desire, they will do anything, including involving themselves in politics. The war of needs.

I go to work by bus everyday, and there’s always a big chance that I will see the same people everyday, who go from the same shelter, to the same shelter, every single day. I never know their names, or what they do for a living, but I know that we will meet again tomorrow, and the day after, until one of us resigns from what we’re doing at that place. In the bus, even if we don’t know each other, we will compete to get a seat. It’s as if we’re gonna die if we standĀ and hang in there for too long. Even in the bus there’s politics.

one of the most tragical moments in the bus: a pregnant woman not getting seats from anyone because ppl just don’t care šŸ˜¦

Can you imagine if we know each other? Then day by day talks become a friendship.. which leads us to a more peace situation. There will be no war for seats, there’ll only be us excusing each other for those seats. It never goes that way, though.. humans are social animals, which end up not to be so social because we have our own interests.

I’m trying to be the person who’s bringing peace to people around me. I’m not naive, just being nice. Maybe I’m not going to get to know those people from the bus, but atĀ least I’llĀ give my seats for those who need it more than I do.Ā Hopefully I’ll be successful in my mission. šŸ™‚