Activity Tracking: Fitbit Flex 2

It is my 3rd month of wearing Fitbit Flex 2, an activity tracker, after some 6 months of hesitation (of whether to buy or not, remembering the price is not so cheap) and regret (for not having the time to look for it when I was in Singapore). Since I joined my current employer, I drive to work, meaning the amount of walking has significantly decreased. With that concern, and the self consciousness that I had gained weight, I decided that I need to monitor my daily activities. I don’t want to replace my beloved watches, so the smarter tracker with screens are out of options.

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So far, I have to say that this Flex 2 is the tracker I’m looking for.


  • Cheap (compared to other Fitbits, still more expensive than Xiaomi Mi-band 2, which, by the way, I cancelled buying because it doesn’t sync with iOS). I bought it online for SGD 160 in Indonesia (unfortunately they only sell certain, more popular Fitbits in stores), where in Singapore you can get for SGD 108 or USD 60 in US.
  • Simple and small, just like regular bracelets. Unlike other bulkier trackers, this one is really like bracelets and comes with 4 color options (black, navy, lavender and magenta).
  • Waterproof. Yes, I don’t swim, but yes, I tend to wet my wrists during my daily activities. Or even worse, forget to take the tracker off and take it to the shower after workout.
  • Reminder to move. This is the most useful feature (which I tend to ignore after 2 weeks of using, but still it’s useful). You can adjust the reminders according to your needs. For example, I have the reminder every hour during working hours. And it will vibrate every hour (for you who are too lazy to read the manuals, when it vibrates to remind you to move, the LED will turn magenta with 2 white LEDs on).
  • Long battery life. As advertised, the battery can last up to 5 days with normal use. I tried synchronizing Flex 2 with my phone for calls and text messages alert (yes, this includes WhatsApp messages alert), and the battery only lasted 3.5 days.
  • Bangles and pendants available for purchase, making it fancier to wear.
Weekly Stats
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  • No Heart Rate sensor. The ones with HR sensor are approximately $100 more expensive, so I thought, why would I need one? But then today I feel like I need it during exercise.
  • Only recognizes walking and running, despite the claim that it can auto-recognize 4 types of workout (walking/running, swimming, aerobic, yoga).

All in all, I’m satisfied with this tracker, because it’s definitely what I need. I can set my own goals and get alerted when I reach my daily goals. I don’t, however, input my calorie intakes anymore after 3 weeks. Too lazy to do that. LOL. It will be a great help if the app can automatically calculate the calories after I upload a picture (of food).


[review] the amazing Devdan Show

During my short visit to Bali last weekend, I only had one activity scheduled out (the rest is spontaneous): watching Devdan Show in Nusa Dua Theater. Tickets to the show can be booked 3 months prior the date through the official website or via BookMyShow (1 week in advance only, but with cheaper price). There are 4 seat categories according to the seat (VIP got Lazboy lounge) and position (straight eyesight in the center for VIP, more to the rear and sides for Category C): VIP and Categories A, B, and C. Booked hastily between tasks, I clumsily booked through the original website, where the cheapest ticket price for Category C is $40/person. After making the booking (you will be asked to enter your credit card information for ‘warranty’ – it will only be charged if you cancel the booking), I emailed the ticketing PIC confirming about ticket prices for local tourists. Apparently ticket prices for local tourists are much cheaper than those for international ones (sadly, the number of local audiences is significantly less than international ones).

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Theme of the show is ‘treasure of Indonesian archipelago’. The show started with an opening scene of a group of tourists having a walk in the woods, led by a local tour guide, when 2 kids separated and found a treasure chest. In the treasure chest were Indonesian traditional crafts, and by the time the kids took the crafts out, dances from the province/island of where the crafts belong to were performed. It was really great seeing young people performing beautiful traditional dances in beautiful traditional clothes, in harmony. It was a 90 minute well spent. 🙂

We are not allowed to record videos or take pictures during the show, except for the closing scene.


Closing Scene with All Casts on Stage

food review: OsakaMOO

Last Sunday, my family and I were going to check out the new “first in Indonesia” Japanese AEON mall in BSD City when we then found out that it was far too crowded to even walk in there. So instead we had lunch at the nearby The Breeze, located not too far from AEON. It was also our first time going there so we were actually clueless about what to eat.

Our choice then came to a quiet, prettily decorated (with paper cranes and small plant pots here and there) steak restaurant located in the middle of the “mall” area (it couldn’t actually be defined as a mall since it has an open air concept), across Guardian (the chain medicine store), named OsakaMOO.

top: gindara teppanyaki lunch set, left-right: local sirloin steak with edamame and raisin side dish, gindara steak with fries
If you’re a fan of Japanese fusion cuisine, this restaurant is worth to try. They serve unique menu, from steak to lunch set (complete with the miso soup). Personally, I ordered gindara teppanyaki lunch set (top picture) and was satisfied with how they cook the fish. However, the miso soup was a bit too salty for my taste.

My sister ordered sirloin steak and apparently it’s not a recommendation (she ordered medium well and the steak was half medium-rare and half well-done). The gindara steak is recommended as they cooked it well.

For the drink, we ordered a glass of homemade ice lemon tea (recommended) and a free flow glass of iced ocha.

The service was a bit slow but the staff are all friendly and willing to help you.

All in all, I’m giving 2.5 out of 5 stars for this restaurant. The food is ok, service is a bit slow but tolerable, the ambience is good, and the price is OK for mall-located restaurant.

food review: Common Grounds

After leaving the Saturday brunch tradition for more than 2 years since I left Melbourne, last Saturday I finally had brunch with a best friend (ladies Saturday out is the most appropriate brunch event). Located on the Ground Floor in Sudirman Citywalk, the mall next to Cityloft apartment and London School of Public Relations, this small restaurant is pretty convenient to be our meeting place (my friend and I live far away from each other, so we have to pick a place located in Central Jakarta to be fair).

I didn’t take any picture of the interior, but the atmosphere, especially because they have an open bar with huge coffee machine at the center front of the store, reminds me a lot of Melbourne. (Apparently I wasn’t wrong because the barista and waiters are wearing “Melbourne” aprons – I didn’t have a chance to ask them in details because we were too busy catching up after 2 months of not seeing each other, but I will on my next visit.) The menu is focused mainly on breakfast and coffee, but they also serve entrées and main course.

It’s not Melbourne without a cup of coffee, so I ordered Cappuccino (I know it’s not a strong choice, but I asked the waiter for recommendation). For the food, my friend had Eggs Benedict and I had Tunisian Shakshouka (in the picture). In addition, we ordered the delicious Breakfast Burrito to share.


The Tunisian Shakshouka is a delicious combination of dried tomato, beef sausage, half-done sunny side ups, and toast. The Breakfast Burrito is quite unique because instead of rice, it’s filled with hash-browns, in addition to the standard scrambled egg. Overall, I’m satisfied with the food. What I’m not is the coffee. The Cappuccino I had was, IMO, too milky and too cold. I’m OK with the latter but the former is intolerable.

All in all, I’m giving 3.5 out of 5 stars for this restaurant. A good place to meet up, considering the location, good food, reasonable price and not too crowded that you can have a good chat with friends. Worth to try. 🙂

Koizora (Sky of Love)

It’s been a while since I last posted about any TV series. Well, in my last 6 month of working, I didn’t have time to watch any. Now that I’m (temporarily) free, I can watch some series. The first choice came to “Koizora” (Sky of Love), a Japanese dorama from 2007.


The story is about Mika Tahara, a high school girl who had a peaceful and protected life in the family before she met Hiroki Sakurai (Hiro), a bad boy with bleached hair. In their first meeting, Hiro kissed Mika without her permission. It was Mika’s first kiss and she was upset that her first kiss had to be like that. She then went out with Tatsuya, as her best friend Aya suggested. However, Mika had fallen for the gentle Hiro and they finally dated.

It’s not a happy-ending type of dorama, but quite amusing to watch. The plot is typical and predictable, yet teaches us of true love. First love never dies, indeed. 🙂