about being an entrepreneur


I gotta tell people for the billionth time that when I was younger and so naive, it was almost as if my future was drawn for me, beautifully, by my parents and all older people in the family (thank God (?) I don’t have older siblings). I was meant to graduate college, continue abroad for a post-grad degree, work for 5-10 years before I’d finally start my own company.

Only now, after almost 2 years of working if summed up (things don’t always happen the way they’re planned), I realized that people are destined differently. Everyone CAN be an entrepreneur, but it’s really a choice, and if everyone’s becoming an entrepreneur, who’s gonna help him run the company?

Over the years I’d realized that I’m more of the safe player type, rather than the risk taker. It takes a huge-hearted risk taker to be a successful entrepreneur. I’ve read some entrepreneurs’ success stories and almost all of them have had their down times. Failures are inevitable when it comes to business. It’s not like I won’t be able to endure all the failures – I’m pretty sure I’m still tough enough for that, it’s the fact that I’ll need to spend all my time for work that’s the hardest. Being a safe player, I like to have a balanced, peaceful life where I can totally separate work from life, which I wouldn’t be able to do if I were an entrepreneur.

I don’t really know what the future holds for me. For now, being an entrepreneur is like a really faraway dream. I’m not saying that I’m not going to be one, but I’m just not thinking about being one at the moment. I’m still new in a career’s life and I need to learn a lot from my seniors. Who knows one day I might be inspired to finally start my own business, once I’m confident that I have enough skills and networks, and find someone who’s willing to fund the business.