Mouth to Mouth by Christian Simamora

OK. Christian Simamora is officially my favorite Indonesian romance author now. As soon as I knew the new novel is released, I raced to the bookstore to buy 1 copy. He’s back with his J-boyfriend series this time. (Preorder is one option but I like being in control of what I’m paying for more. You can always preorder here:

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Isadora (Is), our main actress of the novel, was a buyer at a premium department store, Haute & Co. She was traumatized by her ex boyfriend, Al, with whom she just broke up 1 month ago and who couldn’t understand the meaning of ‘break up’. Al kept contacting her, saying that he missed her and that he wanted her back. What’s worse was the fact that Al was somehow related to Is’ sister’s soon-to-be husband (their wedding was 2 weeks away). She convinced him that she already had a new boyfriend but Al wouldn’t buy it, resulting in her having to take her ‘new boyfriend’ to her sister’s wedding.

Jordache (Jordi), definitely our J-boyfriend, happened to just moved in to Is’ next room in her lodge. A couple of meetings with Jordi popped an idea to Is’ head: to make him her fake boyfriend, to take to her sister’s wedding to make her ex boyfriend believe that she had a new boyfriend. Little did they know that after Jordi agreed to being Is’ fake boyfriend, they would be enjoying the pretending very much.

I enjoyed the novel very much that I finished reading in 2 days. Definitely couldn’t stop reading once I started. Another good job from Babang Christian Simamora. ๐Ÿ˜€


Remuk Redam by Christian Simamora

Yes, I didn’t preorder this one and I had to get in and out of bookstores for 3 consecutive days before I finally found one (and bought it without thinking).

Display Buku Remuk Redam [Edisi TTD + Bonus: Notes Jatuh Cinta]

This book is a “spin-off” of the previously released “Burn Baby Burn“, which you can read without reading the predecessor. In Burn Baby Burn, the main character loved listening to a band named “Expectation”, for their single “Tsundere”, to be exact. Here in Remuk Redam, the main character is the vocalist of Expectation, Lucas Wolff. He is best friends with his manager and another YouTube hit, Mahir Siregar.

There once was a young woman who owned a man clothing label called “Gentleman 1995”, which was on the edge of bankruptcy. This woman, Olivia, inspired by her gay best friend, Fendi‘s spontaneous words, came to an event to approach Mahir with an expectation that he will be attracted to her, be her boyfriend, and promote her label for free. The most effective way to boost up a company’s profit this day, really.

Never came to her mind that she will instead attract Luc – the short of Lucas, a typical rocker who once broke her heart: a playboy with a lot of tattoos on his skin. Regardless of how hard she tried, she always failed to reject Luc – this includes not putting her heart in a relationship, the one thing she’s always proud of. In the end, it was proved that Luc broke her heart, just as his image says. ‘It was never a good idea to be involved with a rocker,’ she thought as her world was falling around her.

All in all, I can say Bang Christian Simamora is back with his romance style that I always love. Good job on this one too, Bang! I only needed 3 days (after office!!) to finish the book. ๐Ÿ™‚ You should get 1 for yourself too.

Burn Baby Burn by Christian Simamora

This is officially my 3rd time pre-ordering Christian Simamora’s novel – I didn’t look after the bonus, but the ability to receive the novel earlier than everyone else. If you’re interested in ordering too, you can follow the publisher’s social media accounts: Twitter or Instagram. This newest novel was released on 22 January 2018 and I finished reading it in 3 days. ๐Ÿ˜€ I can only give my salute to this guy for releasing a novel with different genre than he normally writes and he’s also out of his J-boyfriend series at the same time (he claims that the story was from the same universe, though).

Gia was an introvert translator/writer who enjoyed staying at home and being careless about how she looked. At the age of 35, she was still single and felt uncomfortable interacting with other human, especially her older sister, Cass. She felt that Cass meddled in her business way too much, complaining about her being single and forcing her to get out of her ‘nest’. Gia felt the opposite about her niece, though. Gadis, Cass’ daughter, got along very well with Gia. They hung out now and then, and their favorite restaurant was The Roux, a creole restaurant.

Kyrian LeRoux, or in short, Ky, was the handsome owner and chef of The Roux. Unquestionably, Gia felt for Ky. Encouraged by Gadis, Gia started her approach to Ky after he called her by name during one of her visit to The Roux. They believed that Ky also had feelings for Gia.

Cass kept warning Gia (and Gadis) that Ky had nothing special for Gia, and that Gia needed to be extra cautious being around him. Instead, both Gia and Gadis confronted Cass. It didn’t take a long time for Gia to be heartbroken: Ky had a girlfriend. The worst of it all was that only when Ky broke up did he find Gia again, confirming Cass’ claim that he only took Gia as a ‘spare tire’.

As always, Christian Simamora never upsets me. In this novel, he proves that he’s matured up his writing skills. I cannot wait to read his other new novels. Good job, Abang! ๐Ÿ˜€

What a Boss Wants by Christian Simamora

*First of all, I need to say sorry for not being able to write a review about Christian Simamora’s previously released book. Here’s the review of his newest novel titled ‘What a Boss Wants’ which was released early August 2017.

Jiro Amadeus Vimana inherited Toybox, a local toy producer, from his father, Danno Vimana, who has recently become ill. Danno is a Vimana who doesn’t want to use his family’s name and wealth to start a business – instead, he started Toybox with his own blood and sweat. After 1 year of retreat around Asia, Jiro still could not fight the fear he’s had when dealing with the dictator Danno, who wouldn’t listen to whatever Jiro said.

Becoming a toy designer has always been Soleram Anand (Sol)’s dream ever since she was a child. Being a huge fan of Carousel Pony, she practically lived in a fairy tale she’s created for herself. Never had she imagined that she would be working with a very charming and handsome Jiro in Toybox, which honestly had attracted her since her first day of work. Jiro had always been, on the other hand, out of reach for Sol that she didn’t dare dreaming about him.

Shanghai Toy Expo had somehow brought the two people traveling together: the love-skeptical Jiro and the imaginative Sol. Spending one week away from home, the ice between Jiro and Sol melted away..

As expected, Christian Simamora has become more mature in his diction and story plot. The novel is very much enjoyable, making every reader want to keep flipping the pages on and on. Keep up the good work, Bang! ๐Ÿ˜€

Marry Now, Sorry Later by Christian Simamora (2015)

As I always do, I regularly visit a bookstore to check for new novels from my favorite authors, and Christian Simamora is one of them, with his J-boyfriend series. In May 2015, a new novel, inspired by Beauty and The Beast, came up and I finished reading it (as always) in 3 days. The new novel is titled “Marry Now, Sorry Later” by Twigora publishings.

Marry Now, Sorry Later by Christian Simamora (picture taken from
Marry Now, Sorry Later by Christian Simamora
(picture taken from

The story started with Jao Lee, our J-guy in this novel, going to Bali 6 months after his marriage to “check Shylock Indonesia representative office in Bali” and happen to pick his “beloved” wife, Reina, who ran away on the day of their marriage, right before the wedding reception. From Reina’s point of view, Jao is an evil who forced her into marriage and, once again, forced her to come with him to Jakarta and live a marriage life for the next 6 months, according to their agreement before the wedding.

Reina’s only hope to stay sane are her best friends, Sari and the flamboyant Char. Everyone has his own story, and so does our main characters here. Jao, despite his devilish character, knewย that something was going on with him, being obsessed with Reina and so on. He cares so much about her while at the same time he realized he couldn’t show his true feelings for her because of his childhood drama whenย his parents were divorced that he lost his faith in love. Afterall, living together had driven Jao and Reina to events that led them to another feeling that they didn’t know would have existed.. Under this condition, will they still separate after 6 months? That’s for you to find out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Again, I’m giving 4.5 out of 5 stars for this novel. The story is so interesting that I couldn’t stop myself from turning the pages and the (pssst..) adultery parts were not so much in this one, making the heart throbbing feeling more real.

Keep up the good work, Abang.. ๐Ÿ™‚

As Seen On TV (ASOT) by Christian Simamora

Last month my sister tagged me in a picture of the novel cover, knowing that I’m a fan of Christian Simamora’s J boyfriend series. I’ve been strolling down every bookstore I see ever since, trying to find the book and finally found it last week. Finished reading it in 4 shots – needed to stop myself from reading due to having to work the next day.

Unlike his other J boyfriend series novels, the cover of this novel is not a guy’s bare chest with six-pack abs. It’s still in line with the theme, though, showing a guy’s body with cropped head. This time the guy’s wearing a tux. ๐Ÿ™‚


Javier Bungsu Vimana (Javi) has been best friends with Kendra Rey ever since they were kids. Javi is a player specialized in one night stands with pretty girls he meets through dating apps. Being a Vimana (a wealthy clan in this series), heย owns (only) a small Russian-themed cafe in a mall, Tolstoy, with Kendra as the operational manager. Just as the saying: “men and women can’t be just friends“, Kendra has had a crush on Javi for a long time, of course without Javi knowing. One weekend, to celebrate her best friend’s engagement, Kendra and Javi had a sleepover at Laura‘s villa in Puncak. Laura’s fiance, Mario, asked Javi during their ‘truth or dare’ game if he would have sex with Kendra. In an instant Javi answered no, because Kendra is undesirable – and this answer broke Kendra’s heart.

Things changed between them – the heartbroken Kendra avoided Javi with all she could and changed her looks before she finally recovered. In an event sponsored by Shylock community in Bandung, Kendra met Orion Sentosa, another rich guy of the story who fell in love with her and finally caught her attention. Long story short, they started dating and this fact finally opened Javi’s mind that he’s jealous of Ken dating another man…

my (and apparently someone else's) favorite quote from the book
my (and apparently someone else’s) favorite quote from the book

You should read the rest of the story yourself – that’s why I’m not continuing my story. In his thirteenth novel, Christian Simamora is getting more mature in his writing, making it even harder (than ever) for me to stop flipping from page to page. The story is typical problem everyone meets when being best friends with a member of opposite sex: you might silently have a crush on your best friend while at the same time you’re not comfortable with the thought of approaching him/her because you don’t want to lose him/her as a best friend, but with additional seasoning of drama which will drag you to some emotional states throughout the story.

Overall, I’m giving 4 out of 5 stars for this book. Good job, Christian Simamora. Waiting for your 14th, 15th, …th novels! ๐Ÿ˜€

*I scored “Lurah Jboyfriendseries” in the last page’s quiz – I’m a terrible name-recaller – I’d even forgotten the characters’ names of the book I read last month.

Good Fight by Christian Simamora

Good Fight by Christian Simamora, 2014's new cover (image from
Good Fight by Christian Simamora, 2014’s new cover
(image from

So I went to the bookstore 2 weeks ago to search for gift idea for my best friend who’s studying abroad and the first thing that came to my eyes was this book instead. I’ve been looking for the novel for the past year and never found it. Apparently they reprint it to match Christian Simamora’s J-boyfriend series’ style: muscly guys’ abs on the cover. *intermezzo: work has been so crazy that even though I finished reading this novel last week, I just have the chance to review it here today*

Good Fight 2012's cover (image from
Good Fight 2012’s cover
(image from

Teresia is a successful young lady working as a chief fashion stylist for Mascara (yes, the very same Mascara as the one read by Devika in Guilty Pleasure), together with her best friend Lisa and the two-in-one Sesa and Rian (and yes, this is the same Rian as the one in Guilty Pleasure as well). Ever since she first met Jethro Liem, a photographer for the magazine, they never missed an argument. In short, Tere felt a deep hatred over Jet that Lisa told her to control herself because deep hatred will most likely lead to deepest love. One day, Jet found out the dark side of Tere’s love life: she was the third wheel of her boyfriend’s engagement, just like him and his girlfriend. Being stuck in an elevator together for an hour one night, they shared stories from heart to heart, without any argument this time. Apparently, they were good as friends too when no argument takes place. A surprising move from Jet that night finally changed Tere’s heart – they fell in love and were pretty good at it. The storm passed by when each of their lovers found out they were together, but as other romance novel, they ended up happily ever after. ๐Ÿ™‚ Overall, I’m giving 4 out of 5 stars for this novel. This novel from 2012 is the kind of Christian Simamora’s one that I can’t stop reading page after page. Please please please keep up the good work, mate! ๐Ÿ˜€ โค