(possible excuse) on not being married at 30

I will be 30 next month and will (definitely) still be single (as in not married), regardless all the questions asked (really, Indonesians meddle in other’s business too much). The most important thing is I’m happy with my life.

Here are some things that I’m grateful of:

  1. I have to admit that I was really broken after my last breakup, but later after I moved on, I was and am always happy and free. Those feelings are not buyable.
  2. If I had gotten married at the age of 27, which I initially planned and dreamed of, I will not get these:
    • realization of who my real friends are and how amazing they really are
    • happy vacations with some old and new friends
    • closer relationship with my family
    • my PMP certification
    • career ladder climb
    • maturity as I have today

Thank God for everything that’s happened to me. 🙂