Akar, Petir, Partikel, and Gelombang by Dee Lestari

It’s been more than 1 year since my last post of the first of Supernova series by Dee Lestari (you can read my post by clicking here); I’d spent 8 months to finish reading the other 4 books of the series and another several months finalizing this blog post *oops*. It’s quite a long time for me to read, but the case with this series is it was really hard to push myself to start reading the novels yet it was also really hard to stop reading them once I started. So, yeah, there’s that complexity there. *drama*

Source: www.kompasiana.com
Source: http://www.kompasiana.com

AKAR (2002)

I read half of this novel back when I was in high school, after I finished reading the first Supernova novel, but didn’t finish it. Confession: I finished reading it after 3 months this time. Having read all published novels of the series, I can say that this one is the most boring one *sorry, Kak Dee!*, though essential.

PETIR (2004)

Talking about a Chinese Indonesian who is closely related to electric power and lives in Bandung is what enables me to relate closely to the novel.


After 8 years of waiting, Dee finally released her 4th novel of Supernova series, which IMHO contains too much drama. It digs deep of the main character, Zarah’s, life that it makes almost no difference than regular romance novel should there not be the ending where Elektra met Bodhi and recognized each other.


This is the best of Supernova series (for me, hehehe..).

Born and grown up in a small village in North Sumatra, Alfa had always cried and been cranky every time religion events took place that he was evacuated to his family’s house in the closest town. It was when he was 11 that he finally saw a huge black, winged, yellow-eyed creature in the corner of his house, beginning his nightmares that he didn’t dare to sleep anymore at night. Moving to Jakarta, a family friend took him to the USA when he was 17, making him an underaged illegal immigrant. With his brilliant mind, however, he successfully got into college and worked at Wall Street that not only he was able to pay off all of his debt, but he also could live a luxurious life.

Being all successful, he still felt that something in his life was missing – he tried a popular anonymous one night service offered by his best friend and met Ishtar, feeling that he had met her some time in the past. After a wonderful night, he fell asleep longer than he normally would, and ran to the hospital emergency straightaway. He met a young doctor who was also an insomniac like him, got help from a sleeping center, learned how to be conscious in his dreams, and finally found the answer he had been looking for in Yarlung Valley, Tibet. At the end of the novel, it was depicted that he met Kell on his way back to Indonesia to gather all people he needed to gather to create a complete circle.

After reading the next 5 novels of Supernova series (the last one, ‘Inteligensi Embun Pagi’, will be reviewed soon enough), I’m concluding that these novels will be enjoyable by people who are interested in the ‘beyond’ world, where special people would gather and run a mission to save the world, but not the superhero type of “saving the world” and it’s also not a sci-fi series. Each novel is linked to the other – some characters from 1 novel will appear on the other.


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