Marry Now, Sorry Later by Christian Simamora (2015)

As I always do, I regularly visit a bookstore to check for new novels from my favorite authors, and Christian Simamora is one of them, with his J-boyfriend series. In May 2015, a new novel, inspired by Beauty and The Beast, came up and I finished reading it (as always) in 3 days. The new novel is titled “Marry Now, Sorry Later” by Twigora publishings.

Marry Now, Sorry Later by Christian Simamora (picture taken from
Marry Now, Sorry Later by Christian Simamora
(picture taken from

The story started with Jao Lee, our J-guy in this novel, going to Bali 6 months after his marriage to “check Shylock Indonesia representative office in Bali” and happen to pick his “beloved” wife, Reina, who ran away on the day of their marriage, right before the wedding reception. From Reina’s point of view, Jao is an evil who forced her into marriage and, once again, forced her to come with him to Jakarta and live a marriage life for the next 6 months, according to their agreement before the wedding.

Reina’s only hope to stay sane are her best friends, Sari and the flamboyant Char. Everyone has his own story, and so does our main characters here. Jao, despite his devilish character, knew that something was going on with him, being obsessed with Reina and so on. He cares so much about her while at the same time he realized he couldn’t show his true feelings for her because of his childhood drama when his parents were divorced that he lost his faith in love. Afterall, living together had driven Jao and Reina to events that led them to another feeling that they didn’t know would have existed.. Under this condition, will they still separate after 6 months? That’s for you to find out. 😉

Again, I’m giving 4.5 out of 5 stars for this novel. The story is so interesting that I couldn’t stop myself from turning the pages and the (pssst..) adultery parts were not so much in this one, making the heart throbbing feeling more real.

Keep up the good work, Abang.. 🙂

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