food review: OsakaMOO

Last Sunday, my family and I were going to check out the new “first in Indonesia” Japanese AEON mall in BSD City when we then found out that it was far too crowded to even walk in there. So instead we had lunch at the nearby The Breeze, located not too far from AEON. It was also our first time going there so we were actually clueless about what to eat.

Our choice then came to a quiet, prettily decorated (with paper cranes and small plant pots here and there) steak restaurant located in the middle of the “mall” area (it couldn’t actually be defined as a mall since it has an open air concept), across Guardian (the chain medicine store), named OsakaMOO.

top: gindara teppanyaki lunch set, left-right: local sirloin steak with edamame and raisin side dish, gindara steak with fries
If you’re a fan of Japanese fusion cuisine, this restaurant is worth to try. They serve unique menu, from steak to lunch set (complete with the miso soup). Personally, I ordered gindara teppanyaki lunch set (top picture) and was satisfied with how they cook the fish. However, the miso soup was a bit too salty for my taste.

My sister ordered sirloin steak and apparently it’s not a recommendation (she ordered medium well and the steak was half medium-rare and half well-done). The gindara steak is recommended as they cooked it well.

For the drink, we ordered a glass of homemade ice lemon tea (recommended) and a free flow glass of iced ocha.

The service was a bit slow but the staff are all friendly and willing to help you.

All in all, I’m giving 2.5 out of 5 stars for this restaurant. The food is ok, service is a bit slow but tolerable, the ambience is good, and the price is OK for mall-located restaurant.


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