on falling in love

(taken from weheartit.com)
(taken from weheartit.com)

You might want to come to me to talk about things, but you better stay away from me when you’re wondering about feelings, as I’m really suck at it. At this age *clears throat*, I can’t recall the number of times I’ve attracted to someone, yet I’m not sure if I’ve ever fallen in love.

I read novels (a lot of them!) and the writers would describe falling in love as being: heart-throbbed, butterfly in the stomach, cold hands, smiling all day after small sweet things the other person did, being in a bad mood all day after being ignored by that person, seeing the other person glowing, etc. etc. that I can relate to (some of them).

tumblr_luy8a0WTvq1r421bjo1_500Now that I’ve grown, I realize that falling in love is no longer that amazing. There are things beyond love to consider before deciding to be with someone: the life you’re leading with your SO, whether you guys are on the same path of life, or even the simplest things like your religions. These considerations have limited the love, but it’s essential in continuing life. Javanese has this saying: “witing tresno jalaran soko kulino” which means love would grow as you’re getting used to be with that person, and today I believe that. Other than my belief that the universe will draw you closer to the one destined to be your partner for life.

People will meet and fall in love with the right person at the most right time if we put our hearts in God’s hands. 🙂


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