I’ve stopped exposing myself to local news…

Today happened to be the millionth time someone discussed the local news with me and I was left out, leaving the person say: “you should start reading news”. Well, I have stopped reading and watching local news since I can’t remember when. I try to keep myself updated every time, but only from my discussions with my dad and colleagues. This fact is pretty shocking to anyone who knows me, as I’m normally this resourceful person.

I have my reasons for this:

  • The news is too dramatic. I don’t know if it’s the matter of the TV channels trying so hard to get their ratings up or the reporters cannot get high quality news to report on, but I feel that most of the time the news is too dramatic. I agree that a headline should attract people, but not with too much additional drama into it that I can’t differentiate the truth to the “seasonings”.
  • The news is too repetitive. I know that it’s impossible to get new information in the count of hours (for TV news), but the way they’re repeating it is kinda sickening. For example when a public figure passed away, all channels would show the same news about the figure’s roles when he was alive, how he died, and so on and so forth that it’s so boring. No one would report on the different side of him.
  • The news is meaningless. I often spend my time on the plane reading newspapers and find myself disappointed with the content. In later days, the news is getting more and more meaningless that after I finish reading the last page I don’t feel like I’m gaining something. The newspapers are reporting something, giving people information, but that’s it – no additional value from reading them.
  • The news is (somehow it feels like) scripted. The older generation would say that we are lucky today to be able to get press freedom, but the truth is the freedom itself feels binding. Behind all those news, I believe there’s one guy who’s directing everyone. He’s the one who directs what the media should focus on and what they shouldn’t. The speed at which the media’s focus on one topic redirected to another is always unbelievably fast that people would forget the former as soon as the latter takes the spotlight.

So I’m focusing myself on technology news and international ones today. Happy May day! 🙂


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