As Seen On TV (ASOT) by Christian Simamora

Last month my sister tagged me in a picture of the novel cover, knowing that I’m a fan of Christian Simamora’s J boyfriend series. I’ve been strolling down every bookstore I see ever since, trying to find the book and finally found it last week. Finished reading it in 4 shots – needed to stop myself from reading due to having to work the next day.

Unlike his other J boyfriend series novels, the cover of this novel is not a guy’s bare chest with six-pack abs. It’s still in line with the theme, though, showing a guy’s body with cropped head. This time the guy’s wearing a tux. 🙂


Javier Bungsu Vimana (Javi) has been best friends with Kendra Rey ever since they were kids. Javi is a player specialized in one night stands with pretty girls he meets through dating apps. Being a Vimana (a wealthy clan in this series), he owns (only) a small Russian-themed cafe in a mall, Tolstoy, with Kendra as the operational manager. Just as the saying: “men and women can’t be just friends“, Kendra has had a crush on Javi for a long time, of course without Javi knowing. One weekend, to celebrate her best friend’s engagement, Kendra and Javi had a sleepover at Laura‘s villa in Puncak. Laura’s fiance, Mario, asked Javi during their ‘truth or dare’ game if he would have sex with Kendra. In an instant Javi answered no, because Kendra is undesirable – and this answer broke Kendra’s heart.

Things changed between them – the heartbroken Kendra avoided Javi with all she could and changed her looks before she finally recovered. In an event sponsored by Shylock community in Bandung, Kendra met Orion Sentosa, another rich guy of the story who fell in love with her and finally caught her attention. Long story short, they started dating and this fact finally opened Javi’s mind that he’s jealous of Ken dating another man…

my (and apparently someone else's) favorite quote from the book
my (and apparently someone else’s) favorite quote from the book

You should read the rest of the story yourself – that’s why I’m not continuing my story. In his thirteenth novel, Christian Simamora is getting more mature in his writing, making it even harder (than ever) for me to stop flipping from page to page. The story is typical problem everyone meets when being best friends with a member of opposite sex: you might silently have a crush on your best friend while at the same time you’re not comfortable with the thought of approaching him/her because you don’t want to lose him/her as a best friend, but with additional seasoning of drama which will drag you to some emotional states throughout the story.

Overall, I’m giving 4 out of 5 stars for this book. Good job, Christian Simamora. Waiting for your 14th, 15th, …th novels! 😀

*I scored “Lurah Jboyfriendseries” in the last page’s quiz – I’m a terrible name-recaller – I’d even forgotten the characters’ names of the book I read last month.


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