Supernova: Kesatria, Putri dan Bintang Jatuh by Dee Lestari

I read the novel for the first time back in 2002 during my first year of high school (the book was launched in 2001). I remember liking the novel but had a hard time reading it because of the incomprehensible concept of the story. Long story short, they made a movie out of this novel and by chance I won free tickets, so it’s so me to buy the novel to read it once more before watching the movie.


It was told that a couple of 10 years, Reuben and Dimas, thought of creating something different, and they came up with the idea of writing a novel. Reuben the genius, combined with Dimas the romantic, wrote together a novel inspired by a rare sad ending fairy tale about a knight, a princess, and a shooting star (ksatria, putri dan bintang jatuh).

The knight is someone who fell in love so deep with the pretty princess that he took the only chance the shooting star gave him to take him to the princess’s place beyond the sky. When they arrived, the shooting star was also charmed by the princess that in a moment he left the knight alone in the dark and came to the princess himself.

In parallel universe, there was a young executive, Ferre (the knight), who fell in love with a magazine reporter he met by chance, Rana (the princess). Rana was married to Arwin, so it makes things complicated for the two people deeply in love. Then there came Supernova, the Cyber Avatar of the story, who gave people advices, including our Ferre and Rana. After struggling with things, Rana finally decided to come back to her husband, leaving Ferre deeply heartbroken that he didn’t leave his house for 3 full days, making his across the street neighbor, Diva (the shooting star), worried. Diva was a dangerously pretty and smart, independent woman who is not willing to work in any institution – she made her money by giving people ‘services’ and only the services they are paying for. Diva helped Ferre a lot in transforming to be a real knight, and after she’s done, she left.

Overall, I’m giving 4 out of 5 stars for this novel. Even after reading it for the second time, I’m still amazed by how Dee is telling the story. It’s mysterious in a way and genius in other, giving us a different perspective on how to see the world. It’s hard not to flip to the next page as you finish reading one.


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