food review: Common Grounds

After leaving the Saturday brunch tradition for more than 2 years since I left Melbourne, last Saturday I finally had brunch with a best friend (ladies Saturday out is the most appropriate brunch event). Located on the Ground Floor in Sudirman Citywalk, the mall next to Cityloft apartment and London School of Public Relations, this small restaurant is pretty convenient to be our meeting place (my friend and I live far away from each other, so we have to pick a place located in Central Jakarta to be fair).

I didn’t take any picture of the interior, but the atmosphere, especially because they have an open bar with huge coffee machine at the center front of the store, reminds me a lot of Melbourne. (Apparently I wasn’t wrong because the barista and waiters are wearing “Melbourne” aprons – I didn’t have a chance to ask them in details because we were too busy catching up after 2 months of not seeing each other, but I will on my next visit.) The menu is focused mainly on breakfast and coffee, but they also serve entrées and main course.

It’s not Melbourne without a cup of coffee, so I ordered Cappuccino (I know it’s not a strong choice, but I asked the waiter for recommendation). For the food, my friend had Eggs Benedict and I had Tunisian Shakshouka (in the picture). In addition, we ordered the delicious Breakfast Burrito to share.


The Tunisian Shakshouka is a delicious combination of dried tomato, beef sausage, half-done sunny side ups, and toast. The Breakfast Burrito is quite unique because instead of rice, it’s filled with hash-browns, in addition to the standard scrambled egg. Overall, I’m satisfied with the food. What I’m not is the coffee. The Cappuccino I had was, IMO, too milky and too cold. I’m OK with the latter but the former is intolerable.

All in all, I’m giving 3.5 out of 5 stars for this restaurant. A good place to meet up, considering the location, good food, reasonable price and not too crowded that you can have a good chat with friends. Worth to try. 🙂


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