about first notice

Holla! Pardon me for being absent for it’s-too-long-I’m-keeping-track-no-more. The main reason to that is that somehow I can’t connect to WordPress anymore from work. Dang! (I really hope that my bosses, clients and colleagues are not reading this post. LOL. I need some refreshing sometimes from work and blogging is was a quick way to do that. Now my only distraction is coffee. 😦 I’m a caffeine slave.) The secondary reasons are a lot of excuses I’m making myself, starting from “I got no inspiration” days to “my life is too boring” days.

I remember someone from work asked me (and a group of colleagues sitting together) during lunch one day: what is the first thing that you notice from others?

Some people (mostly guys) mentioned body posture, some answered face, and I showed them a blood type comic that I got earlier. It says that people notice others (in this case, guys notice girls) differently, according to the blood type. (I can’t find it on Google..) The blood type comic was proved to be wrong, though, as first notice really is subjective to the person. My answer really was “the most unique feature of the person’s body, most of the time from the neck and above“.

For those who know me, they would know how much I ignore people around me if they are also ignoring me in the first place (I can be really mean not to see people walking pass me if they also don’t talk to me). On the other hand, when they start getting my attention, I pay attention to every detail. I got to know a girl back in my uni year, we were in a group so we worked together for a week or so, without me knowing that she actually has a twin sister. The next occasion I, still didn’t know that she has a twin sister, saw someone who looked exactly like her walking pass me without greeting me. I’d known that she was a different person after taking a look at her face, because they’re different. That’s how detail I am. Again, I don’t really pay attention to my surroundings it sometimes is depressing others.

Still, whatever your preference, first impression matters, so always be nice to everyone you meet. (I can’t and won’t change, though.. :P)

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