Metropop: A Week to Forever by Stephanie Zen

I received a very interesting email in August 2014, saying that if you order printed books you will get 50% discount for a limited time (you can check it here, books in bahasa Indonesia). I headed to the URL right away only to browse for books under the category “Fiction and Literature” and to be more specific, “Metropop”. (I ended up ordering 4 novels with total price of only 103kIDR including shipping fee.) I’ve finished reading 2 so far, and “A Week to Forever” is my choice to review since surprisingly, the first edition was just launched in August 2014, so it’s quite new.

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6 years ago, Amaya and Dirga met in Singapore for the first time. Amaya was a Master’s student and Dirga was a secondary student – Amaya is 5 years older than Dirga. Both felt that there’s something different between them, but were too shy to ask and tell the other. Dirga, the wise, smart, mature 17 year-old boy with his commitment to God and Amaya, the smart and independent 22 year-old girl who loves God more than anything in the world. After one year, they separated just like that, to their own ways.

With their full faith to their God, they’d believed that when they see each other again today, it’s not a coincidence, but it’s God’s will. Having only 1 week to catch up, they didn’t waste their precious time. Both still had that feeling from the past and were very upset with the fact that they see each other again under the condition that Amaya was engaged and getting married in 3 months. Again, they had to go their separate ways. The day finally came when Amaya’s getting married and suprisingly, one incident united them. They were destined to be together, indeed.

Overall, I’m giving 4 out of 5 stars for this novel, though you who aren’t Christian might not like the too-Christian-y way of the writing. What I like about this novel is the way both characters fully put their lives and hearts in the hand of God, fully believe that God’s will is the best and most beautiful for their lives.


2 thoughts on “Metropop: A Week to Forever by Stephanie Zen

    1. Wow, can’t believe the author herself left a comment on my post. You’re very much welcome, Stephanie! I really enjoyed reading your book. 🙂 Will definitely buy your other books.


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