how to use social media and not get addicted to it

Starting with Friendster in 2004, I couldn’t count how many social media accounts I’ve had since. 10 years of getting my life socially available online has taught me how to be wise in posting things online and not addicted to the media. Throughout the time, I always have my (at least) 2 favorite media, which are changing from time to time, depending on where my friends are.

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Being someone whom my friends consider as a social-media-wise active, here’s me sharing how to use social media and not get addicted to it:

  1. Know where you are and who you are with in real life. I know being in social media means you’re virtually close to everyone – some people even said that “it makes those who are far by distance closer and those who are close further” – I was dragged into it also for some moment. In order to get out of it, you need to be aware of where you are really. The best time to browse through your social media is when you’re alone in your room (I normally do it before I go to sleep and after I wake up in the morning), NOT when you’re surrounded by real human beings. Please please please, for those teenagers who ignore people around them, don’t do that. You’ll regret it later.
  2. Self control. So you’re newly single, you can’t tell stories to your family members and all your friends are in a relationship? You’re not alone. Well, sometimes your hormones are telling you to post things online so EVERYone (this will include people you don’t know from around the world, other than the one you want to transmit the message to). I can’t blame you for that, because I did that too. And regret it later. If you can still control the sadness and anger, please don’t. Ever.
  3. Privacy is number one, and you’re the only one who can control what you post online. If you’re someone who posts everything you do online, then you’re not alone. But if you think about it, do you really want someone you barely know, or even a complete stranger, know that you’re, let’s say, hanging out at mall A. I might sound paranoid, but what if a bad guy comes to you to mall A and kidnaps you?!?! :O
  4. Keep in mind that social media is there to let you interact with people, not to give them freedom to stalk you. I was quite amazed when one day a friend asked me: how was the food at restaurant X? I posted that online, but I wasn’t aware that someone would actually notice the detail until she asked me. After the incident (I call it incident since I don’t really like someone knowing what I’m doing and where I am, at least not until it’s over), I become more careful in posting things online.
  5. If you know you’re someone with lack of self control, don’t even start it. Social media is not created for those who lack of self control.
  6. Don’t overdo it. During the presidential election campaign period a little while ago, some friends suddenly became these fanatic when it comes to politics. They would post good things about the candidate they support (that are sometimes overly good – too good to be true) and bad things about the other candidate. In my opinion, it’s them overdoing it. It’s totally OK to show people which side you’re standing for, but it’s not OK when you’ve started posting about it every hour, not to mention posting bad things about others whom you don’t actually know.
  7. If you don’t have something good to say, then be quiet. When you post something negative, it will sooner or later bring negative effects to you too. Keep posting only positive things, keep your image virtually positive, for your own good.

Hope it helps.. 🙂


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