on best friendship and sisterhood

So this is what I learned from telling my love life to my best friends: when someone truly cares about you, your sad stories will lead them to sadness and your happy ones will make them happy.

A conversation with cousins last weekend made me realize that I’m under the same condition as them: we’re close to our siblings without being able to share about our love lives. For me, psychologically I don’t tell my sister because I don’t want her to tell mom, even though deep in my heart I know she won’t. I believe she’s feeling the same for me.

For those who can tell anything to your siblings, you’re very lucky. I’m learning to do so with my sister, but still hesitant now and then. Hopefully we’ll be able to do that to perfect our sisterhood and best friendship. 😉

For those who trust their best friends more, we’re on the same side. Keep your friends close, always. 🙂



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