about buying the best toy

(Image source: http://www.crackerjackstoys.com)

Having a crush on someone is like liking a toy that you saw at a toy storefront. You have no idea whether it wants to be part of your collection because you can’t read its mind.

After wandering around the shopping street, you’ll go home and continue whatever you’re doing. Sometimes you’ll only be sure that you want that toy you saw earlier before going to sleep and realized that you can’t get it out of your mind even in the next morning. The next day, waking up with that very toy in mind, you go again to that store. You see it’s still there and feel somewhat relieved but still hesitant about buying the toy. You walk back and forth past the store, then decide that you’re not gonna buy it. Not today, you’d think, maybe next time. Again, you go home and can’t get it out of your mind.

After not being able to get it out of your mind for a whole week, you decide to buy it. You have to buy it this time. Still, when you get there, seeing it sitting at the same place you first saw it, you’re hesitant and decide to go home without buying it. Wait until it goes on sale, you’d think, the price will be more reasonable then.

Two weeks later, still can’t get it out of your mind, with the hope that there will be slight discount this time, you go again to that shop, only to find someone else looking at that toy with joy. There’s only one emotion you’re feeling now: jealousy.

From here, there are 2 things that you might do according to your intuition:
1. If you’re feeling like that toy is really meant for you, then you’re going to enter the store and buy it right away before someone else ever put his/her hand over it.
2. If you’re not sure about your feeling, then you’re going to give up the toy and let others have it. You’ll go home empty-handed but you’re sure that you’re going to find the most suitable toy for you, just not now.

Need to trust my intuition more..



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