about feeling beautiful

I read this somewhere on twitter earlier last week: You should be proud when someone’s telling you that you’re beautiful, because beautiful comes from both inside and outside, while pretty comes only from the outside.

The quotes (not exactly said like that) somehow inspired me a lot. The more I grow up and meet people from different backgrounds, I see that most girls are not confident with how they look, regardless how pretty they actually are. Maybe that’s just how it works with girls: we’re never satisfied with our looks. Sometimes I even meet girls who are mad when someone tells them that they’re fat.

Here’s a bit of advice I always tell girls: we are all beautiful if and only if we think we are. Beauty comes from the inside, so no matter how fat you are or how ugly your face is, as long as you feel good, do good to others and smile, you are a beauty.

Different body shapes (image from http://www.calculator.net)

Regarding the physical appearance (and I’m not saying this to the girls only, but especially to guys), please be aware that girls are special because we have different body shapes. As much as I’m aware of, there are 4 big groups of girls’ body shapes: apple, whose torso is bigger than the bottom part of the body (this body type would normally look the biggest among all), pear, whose hip and lower body parts are bigger than the torso (and their thighs would get fat earlier than the other body parts), hourglass, whose hip and shoulders are of the same width (this is the dream body shape of a woman, often being referred to as “Spanish guitar” body), and banana, whose all body parts are of more or less the same size (this sometimes is referred to be “boyish” body shape). Given this fact, a girl cannot compare, for example, her thigh size with another girl, because different body shapes will have different reference. Of course an apple body would have a significantly smaller thigh compared to a pear body.

As for the inner beauty, I would say that sufficient confidence and attitude are the most important factor. Even a pretty-faced would not be pretty if she’s over-confident or under-confident, and/or has a very bad attitude towards others.

Image from feelbeautifultoday.tumblr.comRemember, ladies, beauty comes from both inside and outside, and you should not feel ugly just because others tell you that you are. We are all beautiful just the way we are. 🙂


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