My Love from the Star (You Who Came from the Stars)

Let’s say watching “I Hear Your Voice” (see my previous post) dragged me back to my addiction for Korean drama. This time I watched the 21-episode My Love from the Star (You Who Came from the Stars), which last episode was just aired in SBS Korea in March 2014. (And once again, I finished watching all 21 episodes in 1 week only.)

Different to the previous one, this drama is more dramatic. LOL. Rather than any side of the story, this drama highlights the romantic side of the story.

image taken from
(left-right) Yoo Se Mi, Do Min Joon, Cheon Song Yi, Lee Hee Kyung

It began with a UFO landing on Earth in the 17th century during Joseon dynasty in Korea, while at the same time a 15 year old girl was mourning for her never-been-married husband. She then met an alien who saved her life several times before finally made herself killed while trying to save the alien. The story then goes to 400 years later, the year 2013, when that very same alien, now named Do Min Joon (Kim Hoo Kyun), met a top artist Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) who happened to be his neighbor and student (Do Min Joon was working as a lecturer in 2013), just 3 months before his ride back to his planet arrived on Earth. At a socialite wedding party, an artist went missing and was found dead. Being well-known to be her “enemy”, Cheon Song Yi was accused to be the murderer, causing her popularity to go extremely down and left her jobless.

Being jobless, Song Yi became closer to Do Min Joon and by event to another event, they eventually fell in love with each other. A drama will not be complete without any antagonist trying to separate the lovebirds. In this case, the villain is Lee Jae Kyung (Shin Sung Rok), who tried to kill and frame everybody else, including his own brother Lee Hee Kyung (Park Hae Jin), who favors Song Yi a lot since high school. There’s also Yoo Se Mi (Yoo In Na), Song Yi’s high school friend who was also obsessed with becoming an artist and has fallen with Hee Kyung since high school, so she had 2 big reasons to envy Song Yi. When the time finally came for Do Min Joon to go home to his home planet, he and Song Yi had confessed to each other about their feelings, so it was becoming even harder for them to part.

A good combination of romance and comedy, regardless of Ji Hyun’s sassy character (again), this drama is quite good to watch. Overall, I’m giving 3.5 of 5 stars for this.


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