Earth day

Lately everyone’s being so conscious about environment issues, but I don’t see it in Indonesia.. or is it just me being in a strange part of Jakarta? Does anyone still remember that today, 22 April, is Earth day?

Even though the celebration worldwide is on 22 April, the environment consciousness should come every single day from every single person on Earth. It’s all about preserving the lovely planet we’re living in. Each of us is only 1 out of 7 billion world population (data as of March 2014), but if at least 1% are trying to do something about it, it would make a huge difference.

Earth Day - 22 April
Earth Day – 22 April

In Jakarta, it’s the least we can do (IMHO, based on what I see and hear everyday):

  1. Encourage 3R: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. 3R is not just a theory that you read on textbooks of Environmental Studies.. it’s something you have to plant deep in your head and heart. Reduce the use of plastic bags and papers *remember that it takes hundreds of years for plastic bags to degrade (regardless of the fast decaying plastics) and that papers are made of trees*. Reuse any reusable materials – if it’s too complicated to produce any new stuff out of waste, we can start by reusing one-sided-printed papers and plastic bags. Recycle as many as possible – this might need some more effort, but at least you can support small home industries by giving your used materials away to them to recycle.
  2. Garbage and waste management. This would need government and/or independent environmentalist funding, but this is the idea to minimize impacts to our Earth. The ever-increasing amount of garbage nowadays is getting alarming. I could see wall-e’s world in 10 or even less years.
  3. Energy wise. What I see in Jakarta people is that we are very very not energy wise, especially when it’s related to electricity. We over-charge our batteries, over-use our air cons and lighting, over-whelm our cars (due to traffic, I know..). The awareness of energy use should be increased.

Let’s preserve our lovely planet – otherwise our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren won’t see the Earth the way we’re seeing it anymore, and the blame would be on us today’s generation.


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