about blisters and adaptation

blisters due to new pair of shoes
blisters due to new pair of shoes

Entering a new environment can feel like wearing a new pair of shoes: it causes blisters which would make us feeling uncomfortable. Some shoes will have the shoe leather softened and the blisters will be gone, making us feeling totally comfortable walking in them, just like our own feet. Some will not change the softness of the shoe leather and cause blisters the whole time, making us considering to never wear the shoes anymore and throw them away for ever.

Some people prefer to wear an old pair of shoes like forever so they will forever (?) be comfortable walking in them no matter how bad the shoes might look, while some would consider throwing away the old ones and bravely trying on the new ones, letting their feet be blistered once (and twice and thrice) again to finally feeling comfortable walking in them. It’s totally one’s preference of which way to go.

Humans are destined to learn and develop themselves throughout their lives. Adaptation is all about learning and developing oneself, and everyone has their own way to adapt. We just need to find out which one is the most suitable and comfortable way for us. 🙂


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