about surviving life

I’m someone who believes that life is given to us free, but it will be taken back after we spend a lot of cost. Life itself is a gift from God – we are born to this world unconsciously, simply because God wants us to be part of the world. How we spend our lifetime is our gift to God.

Life is never easy for those who dream, they said. I cannot agree more to that. Dream is a never ending process that everyone has to go through as long as they live. As you’re growing, you’re getting older and experiencing more, you dream even more but with some other considerations. Your dream will always push you to survive all stages of life. That’s why they always tell you to dream big.

Big question comes when you’re dying. What else to be dreamed about?

Religious would dream to have God save them, that He would give the best for them, that whatever their sickness leads to, it’s for their own best.

Realists would dream to find the diagnosis of their symptoms, that after they find out the cause, doctors and scientists would be able to cure them and bring them back to life. Even if they end up die, they’ve at least found out scientific explanation to the why’s.

Optimists would dream to get back their health soon, no matter how. They would definitely try all their best to find out how.

In order to survive life, one has to possess at least 1 of the above mentioned dreams. Strong will and faith are the most important things to survive life. I’ve seen some people from my family survived life several times before finally deceased, and some just couldn’t bear the pain and decided to give up. Whichever one you choose is totally your preference, as you are the master of your life (even though no one ever knows his own age). As the ones who are left alive, we as the family can only pray for the best for your soul and for us to be strong and continue our lives as we have to. To survive our own lives.

Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace

Goodbye, Ie.. you were the best auntie I ever had and I believe you are in a better place now. God loves you more than we do. We will never forget that smile of yours. 🙂


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