another Transjakarta experience

For those who know me in real life, you would have known that I prefer traveling on public transport on weekdays, regardless how bad the service is. The reasons are including, but not limited to: I don’t want to add even more traffic to the existing horrible one we have in Jakarta now, it’s too tiring to drive after I’ve finished working in the evening, and it would discourage me from going out on the weekend (which might cause me more harm, remembering the fact that I don’t like staying at home all day during the weekend). Every weekday morning and evening, I would ride on Transjakarta bus (the so-called Jakarta area government giant public transport project) to and from office.

A lot of stories happen everyday, and after last year’s “speak up” experience, yesterday I had another experience. I call it the bus driver’s experience. LOL.

Just like I normally do, yesterday evening I rode on a bus. What’s unusual was that the bus driver joked a lot with his colleagues along the way. At around 6 PM, it was Maghrib time. So he played the ‘adzan’ out loud on the bus speaker. As a non-Muslim I thought: OK, he’s a good guy. Then things turned out unexpectedly. After the ‘adzan’ ended, he drove more recklessly – he horned practically every other drivers around the street and sped up the huge bus along the way; he even scolded some of them using the speaker. Well.. as you might have guessed, my good thought vanished all over and I’d expected so much that I’d get off soon.

I didn’t take note of the bus number, but I wish that he drives more carefully next time.


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