my firsts in the first 10 weeks of 2014

1. Jan. 2014: BBQ by the beach. During my uni time, BBQ is like normal thing to do at least once a year. We normally did that in a friend’s house which has large open area so the smoke won’t disturb the neighborhood. At the beginning of this year, on new year to be exact, my family and I, who were on a tour, had BBQ by Lovina beach at Bali. It was special because firecrackers and fireworks were everywhere around that beach.

2. Jan. 2014: Charity work. An offer to join the small charity group with no religious mission had caught my attention (also) at the beginning of this year. Joining my first ever charity work with other boys and girls my age (at their 20s), I got a lot of experience. We went to Ragunan Zoo with the kids from the orphanage. The experience was tiring but relieving.

3. Feb. 2014: BBQ with cousins till we dropped (literally). On Valentine’s day this year (which happened to also be the 15th day of the 1st month in Chinese calendar, so the full moon was there), my cousins and I had our first BBQ experience. At the house of one of my cousin’s grandma, we set up our BBQ, light the fire and fan it out so it would burn more. We finished eating after the 4th round of BBQ, but we continued chit-chatting until past midnight (by which time the grandma had slept). It was Friday too so most of us went there straight after work. By midnight, most of us could hardly open our eyes fully so we decided to clean things up and go home.

4. Feb. 2014: Fun walk on car free day. This was actually another cause, but this time it was powered by Yayasan Onkologi Anak Indonesia (YOAI, or translated to be: Indonesia’s children oncology foundation) and sponsored by many big companies. For the first time, I walked along Thamrin from Monas to Bunderan HI during car free day. By this, doing sport with cousins is checked and enjoying car free day is also checked.

5. Mar. 2014: Hiking/trekking at Gunung Pancar, then bathing at the (not-so) natural hot spring. I agreed to a friend’s offer half-heartedly, yet I went back home full-heartedly, even that I got bruises here and there and I can barely feel my limbs. I was always skeptical to any hiking and other mountain-related activities, because I realize that I’m not a strong person. Doing it with friends was different, though.. you would chat and joke all the time that when you saw your surroundings, you’ve finally reached the target point. I would say my first hiking experience was fun and I would definitely do it again if the field difficulty is easy to medium.

*Photos are coming up later.

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