quick update!

Being busy in real life has made me lost interest in updating this blog (sorry!). One of my year 2014 resolution is to make the motto “work hard, play harder, pray harder” real and it consumes 16 hours or more of my every day. Yea, as I might have mentioned earlier, during last Christmas-new year holiday, I went on a tour (religious one, my last year self won’t believe this!) where we prayed a lot and surprisingly, I found my peace in prayers. So I continue on praying (I’m not gonna boast here) while keep on playing a lot too. LOL. I’m still the old me, only pray some more minutes during my day.

Quick update indeed. I’m quite surprised to see that my blog stats is still going up, means people are still visiting this blog. Should be an inspiration for me to update my blog more? 😛 We’ll see.

It’s almost mid February now and I still feel like 2014 has just begun. Time flies fast these days, but I’m gonna make this year meaningful and, as the Pope said, as happy as possible by helping a lot of people with what I have at the moment. I met old friends yesterday at a wedding reception and we arrived at this discussion on having a 1-decade reunion (can’t believe next year’s been a decade since we’d all started university) next year. It’s gonna be a huge one (well, hopefully..) and we from the committee will try our best to make it a blast.

Kalo ada yang baca blog ini dari EL ’05, your participation for the reunion will be welcomed. 🙂 It will tentatively be in August 2015. For more info, please feel free to contact Abu Hanifah (dia ketuanya). 😀


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