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First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year in the hope that this year is gonna be much much better and bring much more happiness to all of us. It’s been almost a month since my last post – I’ve been busy with year end reporting at work, balanced with the year end family holiday. 🙂

After quite some time, I finally met up with Tata yesterday. We had this quick afternoon tea time at a hip place in Central Jakarta and shared stories. The topic then came to a faculty junior who was found dead in his flat in Delft, Netherlands. Tata was a close friend of his so she told me stories about this junior, about how clever he was and how sociable he was. His death was shocking to everyone, even the ones who didn’t know him personally.

This thought then came to me (which is why I’m updating from my phone, to avoid the idea being lost): what will people tell others about me when I’m dead?

In my current state, most of them would most likely say that I commit suicide due to depression of losing a special someone. Then they would’ve come with the thought of how cranky and moody I’ve become at times. Blah-blah-blah.. For sure, that’s not something I want people to remember of me. I want people to remember me for how I am and what I’ve done for them. In short, I want to be a good person: a good friend and a good woman.

I wish that when I die, people would say something like this about me: she was a very nice person who cares a lot about others, or: she was very funny that every time she’s around things became lively.

Live everyday as if it’s your last. Be who you want people to remember. Live a good life, and the universe will conspire to bring good things closer to you. 🙂


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