about God’s grace

I’m someone who believes that everyone, every single creature on Earth, is God’s grace.

Some people see me as being too naive, but it’s true. I might be naive, but what’s the use of being alive if you can’t see God’s kindness in all ways possible? Life itself is a gift, the greatest gift God has ever given to all living things, so we have to be grateful for it. If you can’t believe in God, then what do you live for? If you do believe in God, then you should believe in every single thing that God’s created as well. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Put some trust in others.

Again, I’m not a religious person and I’m not referring to any religion here. I believe in God, I praise Him in my religion’s way, but I know how other religions (at least the ones existing in Indonesia) praise God. All in all, whether they believe in one God or many Gods, every religion teaches us the same thing: to believe that everything God’s created is God’s grace.



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