about time

If you’re thinking that I’m going to promote the last movie by Rachel McAdams, then you’re wrong because I haven’t watched the movie at all.

I thank God that I was given a chance to date a guy whose principle is “timing is everything“. During our relationship, we had this habit to always be honest and tell the truth to each other, at the right time. What does “the right time” mean? (Done with the past tense.) It means we have to see the situation of others before telling them the truth. Situation here includes, but not limited to, one’s mood, place and activities.

ImageI had this discussion with a friend last week regarding time (somehow I always have this absurd conversation with this friend but we enjoy it a lot 😛 and yes, he’s the same person with whom I talked “about the one“). At the end of discussion, we agreed that time is God’s game where we human play our roles. Our roles here mostly are active, meaning every little act and decision we make might shift the timing for every chained reaction related to our actions. However, there are things that might happen or might not if we decide to be passive.

ImageA good example here is my relationship case. I’ve written before about my parents’ disapproval of my plan to marry my then boyfriend. In approximately 5-6 months after we broke up, he decided to date another girl, and in approximately 2 months after, my parents changed their minds seeing me broken and sad. Now if only he hadn’t decided to commit into another relationship so quickly, maybe we’d been back into our initial plan of getting married. With the decision he’s made, we’re forced to have our own visions, to go our own ways. Time is a game. And our decisions determine our future. (And again I thank God for making him made the decision.)


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