about dreams

Dream is “the flower of sleep” (in Bahasa Indonesia: bunga tidur), meaning it beautifies the moment of sleep with any image that you subconsciously are thinking about. (Then there comes times of deja vu, where you feel like you’ve dreamed about events in real life, but that’s another discussion.) Even though it’s beautiful to have dreams, scientists believe that a deep sleep involves no dream, i.e. dreamless sleep is the deep sleep.

Personally, I don’t like to have dreams in my sleep. The percentage has gone extremely down the last years, but when I was younger, 90% of my dreams would come true. Within the last 5-8 years, the dreams would give me signs. It’s no longer literal events, but it all comes in signs. And the signs are not always true. 😛

The reason I’m writing this post is because I had a very bad dream last night that totally ruins my mood for the morning (I’m not gonna say ‘the day’ as it’s only 8.30 in the morning), and my guts say that sharing this will improve my feelings, even though I won’t mention the exact dream I had here. It’s bad, but I hope it’s for the best as it’s definitely acting as a shock therapy to me. And hopefully, it’s not another sign… 😦


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