about the one

For the millionth time, I’d like to highlight that I’m not a religious person, that I don’t go to church every Sunday (well, maybe every 2 or 3 Sundays), I don’t pray BEFORE AND AFTER every activity (except when I was in school – they forced me to do that), I don’t attend any kind of praise and worship events at church and/or religious community, but I do believe in God. I love Him, always.

This talk I had about “the one” (or “mirror”, as Justin Timberlake sang) started when I told a good friend my breakup story. Who is “the one”? We came with the conclusion that “the one” is the person destined to be with us by God. As in the Genesis 2:18:

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a companion for him who corresponds to him.”

since the first creation, a woman was created to accompany a man. Deep in my heart, I’ve known already that I want to find “the one” of mine to be with me, the most compatible man to me whom He’s created.

But how to find “the one”? People say God works in mysterious ways and it is true indeed. Not only He created men, He also completes men with hearts; the hearts to which He whispers a lot. We often abandon or ignore what our hearts say, hence He makes the universe releases all the signs. Still, we abandon and ignore all the signs, hence bad things keep happening. I’d say pray a lot, keep your hearts open for all the things He says and keep your eyes open for all the signs He’s sending through the universe.

ImageMost of the time, we become pessimistic when we’ve set our own “deadline” on finding the one, yet s/he never comes to sight. Well, don’t. S/he will always come to us eventually, like magnets of different poles, we will always attract each other. And when the time is right, no matter in what state s/he is, we will end up being together. This makes all happy-ending love stories make sense. Secondary school classmates who happened to fall for each other but then broke up and lived lives separately, got married, failed in that marriage, mysteriously bumped into each other and fell in love for real once again? A couple who’s been dating for some years, separated because the guy was way too unstable and slow in approaching the woman, made her fall for other guy but then the marriage fell apart, they met again, got married and lived happy lives together? Or even older couple who’s been desperate and decided not to get married, eventually met each other and realized that s/he’s the one? Everything’s possible. 🙂

Some couples would fall in love, ignored the voice of the universe to finally separated in the end. If you’re not meant to be, even if you decide to be together, then your life would be miserable. I’ve always known that I don’t want that. Some people would find their ones too little too late, after one or both of them are married, but that doesn’t matter. I’m not saying that cheating is OK, I’m just saying that when you finally find the one, there is nothing that can make you second-thought being with the one. Commitment is other thing.

All in all, I would say: to the single (in terms of marriage) people, whether you’re in a relationship or not, please listen to your hearts and see all the signs sent to you. (If during the relationship you’re always faced with troubles – losing things, flat tires, broken glasses, or whatever it is – then it might be God sending you signs not to be together. Never ignore the signs.) As to the married people, if you find the one after you’re happily married, don’t let the one ruin your marriage – keep committed. God would always whisper to your hearts and send signs to the universe, but it’s all up to you to trust, listen and see. Hope you’ll all find your “one”. 🙂

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