the perks of being single

27 month relationship is not a short one, I guess, and I’ve just been in one until some months ago. Being in a long term relationship can make you forget about how it feels being single (most of the time it does). Don’t get me wrong in this, I value every second of the relationship, even during the arguing and fights we had, and never for a single second thought about preferring being single to in a relationship. However, as most adults do, we had to make decisions that are best for the future, one of which is by living our lives separately.

Life goes on, and after several months being single, I found these advantages of being single, a single woman in mid 20s with happy and sufficient work-life to be exact:

1. Financial freedom. If when talking about marriage we talk a lot about financial independence of the wives, then when you’re single, we’re talking about financial freedom. You have all that money for yourself, so you’re free to arrange your monthly budget: have great food and hang out at the ‘it’ spot with great friends once or twice a week, get yourself fabulous gadget even if the price is unbelievably high (you still have to consider your financial situation before buying, though), shop til you drop for fashion items you’ve been craving since forever but haven’t been able to buy because you had to save money for the so-called future, and relax yourself in the salon and spa. ๐Ÿ˜€

2. Independence. There’s a saying: “You’ll never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option you have.” This is indeed true. When we’re in a relationship, girls tend to depend more on their boyfriends. We would beg our boyfriends to drive us to places we wanted to go to, “guard” us when we went out at night to a dangerous place, accompany us to do things (this totally depends on the kind of relationship – I know some couples who do every single little thing together like unseparable souls) including going to weddings and watching newly released movies, and so on.. In fact, most women I know are so much stronger and independent than that. We CAN do all that by ourselves; it’s just that when you’re in a relationship, you want to involve your significant other more in your life and things you do. When you’re single, you’re back to being independent. Then you’ll realize just how strong you are. ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Free time. If you ask me (now, not then) the most annoying thing about being in a relationship, I would answer wasting my time communicating and negotiating every single thing (sometimes I don’t say the little things) in life. This will include but not limited to sharing the short 2-day weekend time for both family and boyfriend times (things would be more complicated when there’s friendly times). When you’re single, you’re FREE to go. You’ll spend your free time with your family and friends, both would feel that you’re fair enough with them. No pout from any single soul who feels that they’re less significant to you than the other side.

4. No jealousy. Thank God for He always gives me understanding and less jealous boyfriends, but things would get really ugly for those who have jealous boyfriends. Especially when the girl is like me: have a few good guy friends (again, I would say that they’re all only good friends – to hang out and talk – as when it comes to feelings, I’d prefer telling my best girl friends) with whom I’d pretend to flirt some time. LOL. World War III would’ve been on the way if you have jealous SO. ๐Ÿ˜›

I’m enjoying being single, but when you’re in the right relationship, you’ll also enjoy every second of being there.


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