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For the first time in the last 8 weeks, I’m not reading any articles posted in the “blogs I follow” on WordPress. Why so? Reading those blogs is fun, but too time consuming. Being in my 5th month of working in the new place, I need to be more productive, despite the fact that my workload is far lower than my fellow colleagues. 😉 (And what’s so productive about writing a blog post anyway?)

Going to work on a Monday morning might be really hard for most people, but it isn’t for me, as long as I’ve had enough rest for the weekend. I’m not the workaholic type – on the contrary, I’d lived with the motto: work hard, play harder; most of the time I prioritize play to work. x) What I dislike the most is not the traffic or the laziness, but the fact that I’ll have to wait for a long time for the bus to come. I don’t understand what the people are thinking, but the buses on Monday morning tend to come in 30-minute frequency, causing bad congestion at the bus shelters and even worse in the buses themselves.

Monday morning is always fun because all colleagues will come to work with a huge smile on their faces, all the positive spirits from the weekend. (This, if you have a quite moody boss, will be a perfect time to consult to him/her regarding your work problems/issues.) Sometimes they will even bring some snack from their hometowns, which will ensure that you won’t be hungry until lunchtime.

Monday morning flowchart
Monday morning flowchart

For you who don’t like Monday morning, here are some tips to have better ones (which at least work for me):

  • Never hang out with your friends/families until late on Sunday evening. You got the whole Saturday to hang out till late and get wasted. Just don’t do it on Sunday evening.
  • Go to bed early on Sunday night. This is why the first point should be avoided as best as you can. If you can’t fall asleep already because you’ve spent your Friday and Saturday nights sleeping past midnight, then at least you can try to turn off the lights and lay under the warm blanket. Sometimes I even take my phone to bed with me and read something/play some games until I finally fall asleep.
  • Stay away from your computer as best as you can on Sunday night, especially if it’s connected to the Internet. I find that Internet’s the biggest distraction these days – once you’re connected, you won’t be able to stop yourself from looking around the limitless world. 😛 This, will consequently disable you from doing point number 2.
  • Wake up early even though you’re not a morning person. Waking up early in the morning has been proven to boost your mood up. Another plus point for me is if I wake up early, I’ll get to use the bathroom before my parents. 😛
  • Go to work early and make yourself a good cup of coffee. Normally (at least in Jakarta), people will go out of home earlier on Monday morning, so the later you go out, the worse the traffic jam will be. I’d rather go out earlier, arrive earlier and sip a good cup of coffee at the office (I’m a coffee person, by the way) than the opposite. This will surely be a good start to my Monday morning.

Those are my tips. What are yours? 🙂


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