Revenge (TV Series)

My sister and I started downloading the series a month ago and got addicted to it ever since. She’d finished watching season 2 since last week and I’m still in the middle of that season right now (interrupted by some books which I’ve reviewed in this blog too in the last 2 days). I really enjoyed the first season, but somehow don’t feel like the second season is all that essential – it starts to feel like Indonesian sinetron (soap opera) which is extended only because the rating is high, without paying attention to the quality of the series.


The first season elaborated the story of Emily Thorne (the real Amanda Clarke) who’s entering the Grayson circle to avenge for her father’s death. The Graysons, a “royal” family of 4: Conrad, Victoria, Daniel and Charlotte, are America’s socialites living in Grayson Manor who own a huge company named Grayson Global. Emily believes that Conrad and Victoria had framed her father “for a crime he didn’t commit”. With the help from an IT billionaire, Nolan Ross, Emily investigated her father’s death and seek revenge by destroying the Graysons slowly but sure. She successfully got rid off some people related to her father’s death in this first season.

The second season is about the shocking truth that Emily’s mother is still alive. So the twist continued.. Emily found out the killer of her father (paid by the Graysons), worked together with Takeda’s another protege, Aiden Mathis, who was unsure about his own directions in this revenge, and continued on her path of vengeance. So far as I’ve watched, the second season contains less mature story than the first one.

Regardless the negative reviews from me, at least this series is more interesting to watch than Indonesia’s sinetron. The casts are much better actors (and actresses) compared to Indonesia’s, and the story has much better limitation so it doesn’t go anywhere far away from the main plot. Hopefully, they maintain the consistency in the third season. Quite a good series to watch in your spare time. 😉


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