All You Can Eat by Christian Simamora

I’d practically spent my last 3 nights reading this novel in my room (only to get 3 sleepy mornings after, but it’s all worth it). I always like this author since he uses appropriate amount of slang words together with a nice mix of simple English and bahasa Indonesia (unlike those new authors using too much English when the novels are supposed to be in bahasa Indonesia). In addition to that, he seems to have always planned the plot before started writing; it makes his novels consistently interesting from the start till the end, really.

ImageThe tagline of the novel’s cover was “Terkadang, yang tak bisa kamu lupakan adalah seseorang yang tak pernah bisa kamu miliki” (translates to: “Sometimes, the one you cannot forget is the one you can never have”), making people curious about what’s inside the novel (well, at least I was).

The story is about a woman in her early 30, who works as a quite successful scriptwriter in Indonesia, Sarah. The first part of the novel was about her breaking up with her 2-year boyfriend (who’d been living with her, in HER apartment, without paying anything). With the help from her best friend, Anye, she went to Bali to better heal her broken heart and to finish writing her newest script. Unexpectedly, Anye’s little brother, Jandro, was already there by the time Sarah arrived. He was there to also try healing his broken heart after breaking up with his girlfriend. With Jandro being her best friend’s brother, not to mention much younger than she was, Sarah had to make her boundaries; she cannot fall in love with him…

As any other romance novel, this one has a happy ending – the author himself had even written that fact on the back cover. The conflicts are the most interesting to follow as you flip from page to page. 🙂

The downside is, this novel is in bahasa Indonesia and I’m not sure if it’s going to be translated to English. If you read bahasa Indonesia, I highly recommend this novel to you. The conflict about not dating a younger guy can relate more to Indonesian too anyway. 😉


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