about behaviours in public transport

For those who regularly reads my blog *as if those people exist :P*, you must’ve known how I’ve complained a lot about passengers of TransJakarta bus which I use everyday to go to work since like forever ago *this is definitely a hyperbolic statement as I’ve been working for only the sum of 2 years next month :P*. I always feel that people these days are getting worse than before, given the fact that I see seated passengers not willing to give their seats to the more suitable people. These include disables, pregnant mothers and the elders.

Then, I always compare this condition to the one I’ve experienced in Melbourne, Australia. Melbournian will kindly give their seats away even for me. There was this one day where a white-haired old man gave away his seat for me (and of course I refused the offer) in a tram. Maybe he pitied me for bringing a lot of stuff (I bought a really heavy backpack and some presentation materials along with some textbooks at that time).

Apparently, I was just lucky to have lived in Melbourne. I complained about these Transjakarta passengers’ behaviours to a friend who just got back from the Netherlands and she told me that even Netherlanders are similar in selfishness with Indonesian – Jakarta-ers, to be exact. I thought my experience in Melbourne was what it’s like abroad, in general, but then it appears that people’s behaviours cannot be generalized as it totally depends on how the people of the country behave.

Now that I think about it, maybe the kindness of Melbournian is a factor that makes Melbourne “the most liveable city in the world”.


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