about being transitional kids of the ’90s

For those of you who speak (and read) Bahasa Indonesia, you can try reading a book titled “Generasi 90an” which talks about life in the ’90s (reviews from this book readers and the online copy of the book can be found here). Talking about the past is always fun and comforting, but life must go on so we have to live the moment. 🙂

Why do I call kids of the ’90s transitional? Because we’ve lived in the transition between the old millenium and the new one. There have been some noticeable differences between the kids of the ’90s and the kids of the 2000s:

1. Kids of the ’90s: shout a friend’s name in front of his/her house and ask him/her out to play is a normal thing to do.

Kids of the 2000s: kids would prefer playing in the house with their gadgets (and sometimes they are even afraid of getting dark skin!) instead of real human-beings.

2. Kids of the ’90s: only the rich got the luxury of having mobile phones (and they won’t even think of buying their kids one of those too!). The rest of us would use landline phones to call each other. (It’d made backstreet dating harder since your mom would most likely pick up the phone from your secret bf/gf.)

Kids of the 2000s: landline phones?? Who still uses those?

3. Kids of the ’90s: No facebook, twitter, instagram, path or whatsoever. We interact with others in real life.

Kids of the 2000s: even the underaged have social media accounts.

4. Kids of the ’90s: the era of 3.5″ floppy disks which can only store 14.4MB of data. Can you imagine how we’d survived the era? 😛

Kids of the 2000s: what’s that box? 😛

5. [This special part will compare the kids of ’90s to the kids of ’60s – back it up for 3 decades]

Kids of the ’90s: we grew up being teenagers seeing feminists and LGBTQ being vocal so we can accept the ideas better.

Kids of the ’60s: the generation of our parents will see feminists as rebels and LGBTQ as “weirdos”.

Thank God we are in the transition era..


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