about being prepared

I’m one hour away from an important meeting and instead of preparing everything, I’m updating my blog. Guess what, I’ve prepared the presentation slides since last week, so that’s why I don’t feel like it’s necessary to mess things up.

Ever since I was in elementary school, my mom taught me to study the day before exams, so when the day came I would just sit there, talking to my friends while some other friends were busy re-reading the notebook. It becomes a habit that I’d prepare important things way before the day. (Other than the fact that it’s my personality – my mom taught the same thing to my sister but she won’t prepare until the last minutes.)

Call me perfectionist, but when it comes to big things, I like it well prepared. I can be spontaneous at times, but the spontaneity will be most likely anticipated. Here’s the example: I spent last weekend going on a quick getaway with my best friends – we went to Bandung for 2D 1N and I, being the one who’d spent 4 years of my life there, was the “tour leader”. I arranged things from what transport we’d be using to get there until booking the hotel room and destinations. Since I’ve known that we’ll go to a specific area, when a friend asked to visit a place spontaneously, I was fine with that because I know that we would go pass that place.

The bad thing about being prepared is that I will be less relaxed when things go far from planned. I hope that I can be more spontaneous one day. 😛

*50 minutes to the meeting, better check the meeting room and snack*

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