speak out

If I were asked what the biggest mistake I’ve done so far, the answer will be: going back to Jakarta after having lived in “the most liveable city in the world”. The reason is almost emotional at the moment, remembering that the public transport service and all other services are driving me mad. If you ask my parents what their biggest mistake was, the answer would be to have sent me to an all-girl school, then abroad.

Guess what? I just realized that I’m a quite spoken out person (especially when the estrogen level is high).

It’s not that I speak out about every single thing – I have enough patience not to be easily angry – but I speak my mind out loud when the limit’s passed. And here in Jakarta, the limit’s tested almost every time I step out of home: while waiting for the bus to come at the shelter, while staring at the constantly automatically opened shelter door (because the programmer didn’t program the controller correctly. DOH!), while getting on the bus (where most people would cut me and/or step on my foot), while on the bus (where it’s really hard to get a seat, even for preggers/ppl with children/old ppl), while getting off, while crossing the street, and especially, while driving.

People from the legislative did some “comparative study” to the city I lived in, but they seem to never really learn anything. The public transport system, for example, uses time schedule where there are people waiting in a stop sometimes to take notes on the time accuracy. If it’s not accurate, then they will really improve on that. I don’t really expect Jakarta’s public transport to have any time schedule since the traffic is totally unpredictable, but they could at least apply frequently release of the bus, for example. The case now is that passengers have to wait in the shelter with no clue on whether the bus will come anytime soon, and most of the time the buses will come consecutively, creating jam around the shelter. They could’ve made the buses leave the terminal every 20 minutes so they will arrive at the shelter in the frequency of 20 minutes. Or I don’t know. I’m nobody with statistics background. You tell me.

I was really angry yesterday after waiting in the shelter for 1 hour, and within that 1 hour, 6 buses arrived in opposite direction. If there are 6 buses, the last 3 buses were only half full, why don’t distribute evenly for both directions? I yelled at the officers in the shelter (I know, regardless their helplessness..) because nobody dared to. After I did so, many people spoke out too (or, to be more precise, mumbled) about how they’re tired of waiting. Then they’d look at me fearfully because I’m the one who yelled.

Why can’t I speak out? It’s as if speaking out my mind means I’m insane.

Speak out, people!

stand up and speak out



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