all-girl school

I think I’ve mentioned many times about me going to an all-girl high school, then continuing the study to the very manly major of engineering where my friends were mostly guys. The latter had come more in the story, but a blog post I just read earlier today reminds me of how going to the all-girl high school has led me to survive life. Here‘s the blog post.

What would people imagine when one mentions an all-girl school? I’ve recorded 2 most frequent reactions so far:

  1. “WOW!”, which means a guy imagining a whole school full with sexy high school girls like they often see in a Japanese dorama, or a single guy seeking for some pretty friends of mine for potential dates.
  2. “How did you survive studying there for 3 (or even more) whole years?”, which means a girl from heterogenous high school imagining teenage life without boyfriends and/or boy friends.

Whichever homogenous school one has gone to, the ex-students, I reckon, would have one reaction when being asked his/her experience studying there: AWESOME.

Yes, regardless only 50% or less students managed to have boyfriends, seeing all female friends everyday has been the best life experience I had so far. Some advantages I’d mention to some random colleague are:

  • FREE! Of all things that might cause clumsiness to all teenage girls: menstrual leaks on the back of the skirt, a teenage guy’s nose bleeds (errr..) due to direct sight of a girl’s underwear because she forgets to wear shorts underneath her skirt, being caught with a huge pimple (puberty face) and/or oily face, oily hair due to no time to wash your hair, etc. etc. In short, you don’t need to worry about your look when it comes to school.
  • You can play games you can’t play around guys, i.e. unbuttoning your blouse when you lose a card game. 😛
  • PE is so much easier. (Trust me, I went to a heterogenous junior high school and the PE teacher seemed to use boys’ standards in making the subject’s syllabus that only few girls got good grades.)
  • You are trained to not be afraid speaking in public. Well, most of the time the school turned someone really quiet and shy to a more talkative and confident person. 🙂

But actually there are more to those:

  • Girls are trained to be discipline yet independent. Simple explanation: will you ever lift up a heavy bench with another 9 girls if you’re going to a heterogenous school? You realized that everyone is of the same gender there, so you can’t really cling on someone too much and in the end, you’ll have to do things by yourself.
  • You are free to speak. Because you are all the same. You know the limits.
  • You are more focused to study because there’s no distraction (read: guys).
  • There is less conflict between students. Because you are all in the same shoes and you have one common enemy: the school management. 😛 You’d hate all the rules they’ve written “for your own good”, so you’ll coordinate in trying to break one (or more). Collectively. 😀

…so who said an all-girl school is boring? I bet it’s more fun. 😉



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