how to love

It’s unusual for me to watch a music video, especially when the genre of the music is rap. I’m not a big fan of rap (I watched Eminem’s video back in high school only to see his face :P) and I don’t watch music video that often either. Last week’s boredom dragged me to watch a music channel on TV and a familiar tune from Lil Wayne caught my attention. I’ve heard the song before on the radio (and I don’t like it), but what made my heart moved was the music video depicting a girl’s life.

I read the MV review on Wikipedia earlier so maybe my review would be more or less the same (you can check the wiki page here). The video started with a woman giving birth to a baby girl then some years later took the girl to visit her dad in jail. When the girl was older, her mom’s boyfriend molested her, changing her to a ‘free’ woman who worked as a stripper. At the end of the story, she was diagnosed with HIV positive. The story then went backwards, with the mom staying at her mom’s (the little girl’s grandmother’s) and marrying a decent guy. The baby girl had a good life and ended up pregnant. The MV was mainly about how someone’s life can be so different when she’s loved.

The lyrics is, as a rap music normally is, hard to understand, but the MV is pretty good. 🙂


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