the meaning of statues

I was having a cup of coffee in the pantry when this random thought came to mind: my secondary school religion teacher. It’s better not to mention any name here.

Being a religion teacher, I admit that she’s not a good one. She’s a feminist who taught all the female students to be strong, independent, and “avoid” guys (now that I think about it, remembering she told that thing to a secondary student, it all makes sense.. there’s no good in starting early in lovey-dovey thing). She’s also easily upset; every time a class made her upset, she would be all silent and leave the class. Or simply asked us to write a “test” she never checked and gave feedback of (there was a time I wrote whatever I wanted to write on the paper only to make the text look nice and long).

Last thing about her, which is actually quite good, is that she’s a Catholic fanatic. The most meaningful lesson she ever taught us, out of the whole year of being taught by her, is about the use of statues in Catholic. With flames as the background (I imagined so when seeing her talk), she told us how her fellow Christian (Protestant) and Moslem pout at the Catholics for Catholics “worship” statues. Yes, we have statues everywhere around the churches and chapels. In response, even with more flames, she replied that the statues are means of communication and we NEVER worship statues. Human believes and has the ability to imagine more what he sees than hears. That’s why the statues were created in the first place. We never personally know Jesus, Mother Mary, Joseph, the Angels, and the Saints, but by the presence of the statues, we have better images of how they look like and how they look at us. That’s about the importance of statues. If someone ever worships any of the statues, then he’s malpracticing the true meaning of them.

That’s about the statues and I hope people out there reading this post will have better understanding of why we have statues in our churches. 🙂


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