So I’m in Lombok for the first time ever, the customer postponed the meeting until another 3 hours and what should I do? Instead of going around the beach, I’m sitting here in my hotel room, updating my lovely blog using my phone (because the hotel’s internet sucks) because I’m too lazy to walk the beach alone.

Nobody would believe me when I said that I was going to Lombok for work, means no time for fun. Even if I have time (like now), I’m too lazy to. I would definitely come here for family holiday. Or honeymoon maybe. 😀

I’ll tell the story about Lombok after I have a look around.

I dunno how to insert caption on this phone application, but the pic below is the poolside bench. I’m curious to try and sit there, but it’s too hot to do that now. Maybe I’ll try later in the afternoon. 🙂



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