being a minority sucks, but so does being a majority

It’s not like me to use such a harsh word in my blog post, but I just want to be a lil bit of drama queen here 😛

Among more than 200 million of Indonesian, I’m quite lucky to be born in an open-minded family, studied at independent-funded schools where I got to be friends with “same people” as me, went to a public college where most of the students are “different”, and continued to higher study abroad. Long story short, I’ve been in both the positions of a majority and a minority (regardless the fact that I’ll always be a minority in terms of numbers in this country).

Being a minority sucks. Let me start with the bitter thing. My whole life, people have always been staring and pointing at me (not literally) as if I’m an alien – or worse, some punk guys on the street would whistle and verbally harass me – because my ancestors were not native Indonesian. It’d taken me a couple of years or so during my time in college before my friends would finally whole-heartedly accept me (some friends did accept me since the start). The same thing would happen every time I enter a new entity, and I’m getting used to it. The problem with being a minority is that people pay their full attention to you. When you do things right, they will watch you enviously; when you do a little mistake (yes, a little), they will laugh at you with their winning faces.

Being a majority sucks. Whether you’ll admit it or not, people who feel like a majority would be in their comfort zone. You’ll feel safe being around people who are just like you. These kinds of feelings would lead to laziness. You won’t feel the need to be approved, since people will approve you anyway. The result? You’re drowning in your own comfort zone and burying your potentials. Nobody will see you because there are millions more who are just like you.

Which one would you prefer?

I’d prefer keep being a minority. That way I can keep challenging myself to be competitive, to be a better person than I am today.

Being a minority sucks, but so does being a majority.


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